Monday, 1 August 2011

Chanel Nail Colour: 203 Miami Peach

I'd been lusting after Chanel's Miami Peach for quite a while and a recent post and swatches from Perilously Pale finally persuaded me to order a bottle. When it actually came to ordering, I was also tempted by Orange Fizz which looks like a slightly brighter, more opaque version of MP. The descriptions of Miami Peach' jelly type finish sounded too appealing to resist, though and I stuck with my original choice. 

Chanel Miami Peach (Indoor photo)

I'd describe Miami peach as a peach-y orange colour shot through with very delicate gold shimmer that's really only visible on nails in direct sunlight. The shade seems to change/vary a lot depending on lighting and how many coats of colour are applied. Two thin coats leaves nails with a sheer, juicy, pale peach colour, adding a third coat turns the shade into a more opaque, brighter orange.

Chanel Miami Peach (Outdoor photo)

A photo of the pretty gold shimmer above, and below is a photo of what it looks like on. The picture below was taken indoors with flash. In this light, the shade looks like more of a bright orange-y coral compared to the outdoor photo below where the shade looks more like a juicy, orange peach.

Miami Peach (3 coats)

As above only outdoors

I haven't actually worn any of my Chanel nail colours for a while and had forgotten how beautifully they apply. Miami Peach went on with no streaking, dried fairly quickly and after three days of wear, it still looks perfect (no chips yet!). It's a fabulous summer colour, looks lovely on fingers and toes and I really am glad I finally grabbed myself a bottle.

Do you have any favourite peach-y nail colours?


  1. OMG!!... this color is something incredible!! coral pinks and peachy colors is my another obsession after blues/turquoises :) my favs are Orange Fizz from Chanel and Peach Smoothie and Mad about Mango from Revlon

  2. What a beautiful color! It looks gorgeous on you.

  3. I just got this last week and did a swatch comparison with Orange Fizz at the counter. Miami Peach is definitely the winner between the two so you made a great choice!

  4. Oh, how beautiful! I'm really wanting some red chanel nail polish.


  5. that is gorgeous! I dont have a favorite peach, I'm more of a coral girl :)

  6. gorgeous colour!

  7. How pretty! Looks lovely on you :)

  8. Oh & no, I don't have a fave peach shade. :)

  9. Hiya!

    I love that- sooo pretty and fresh! I have Orange Fizz and love that color but I don't know if it's my favorite peachy shade or not lol. xx

  10. Yay!! So happy I was responsible for a successful lemming!

  11. Very pretty - I like the subtle, subtle sparkles. The peachy color seems different in different lights.


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