Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine: 62 Monte Carlo

I've wanted a red lipstick for a while now and quite a few different colours from various different brands have caught my eye. The thing is, I've never actually owned or worn a red lip colour before, so I wanted something sheer and easy to wear. After searching around online and browsing through swatches, Chanel's Monte Carlo caught my eye.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine: Monte Carlo

Rouge Coco Shine: 62 Monte Carlo

I'd describe Monte Carlo as a sheer, strawberry red with really subtle shimmer. The shade's actually more pigmented than I was expecting, but is still delicate, understated and perfect for those, who like me, normally shy away from red lip colours.

Chanel Monte Carlo

Chanel Coco Shine: Monte Carlo

I only recently started discovering Chanel's products again, so I'd not actually tried any of the shades from their Coco Shine range. The lipsticks are described as hydrating lipshines with a water-light texture and I have to say, they feel absolutely beautiful. The colour glides effortlessly over lips and feels incredibly light weight. The texture is balm-like, feels almost cooling as it's applied and has a kind of soft, cushiony feel, which makes the formula really comfortable to wear.

Chanel Monte Carlo Swatch

 The tiny microshimmers which look quite obvious in the above photos aren't really prominent on lips apart from in direct sunlight, and they're still quite subtle.

Monte Carlo applied
The finish is pretty glossy and because of this, I don't find the formula to be particularly long lasting. I get around two to three hours wear before the colour starts to fade and the glossiness disappears. I am left with a very delicate stain, though and my lips do feel soft, smooth and hydrated, which is a bonus.

Overall, I'm really impressed with Monte Carlo and with the Rouge Coco Shine formula. The pretty, juicy strawberry colour is a beautiful shade and I'm in love with the balmy texture and glossy finish. 

I purchased Monte Carlo from Garden Pharmacy (£23.00) who are currently offering free postage and double points on all purchases.


  1. WOW! This is the kind of lipstick I'm going for once I have a proper job & I'm out of the student's budget!

  2. I love this shade! I just tried a sample of it yesterday and was thinking or ordering the full size today. This post must be fate! I need it!

  3. Great review! I recently reorderd Monte-Carlo because I missed mine. On mother's day, my mother saw me apply it after our meal, and she asked if she could use it. It looked so good on her, I gave it to her and completely forgot to get myself another, but I have one on the way.

    You captured both the beautiful color and described it well, a warm, shimmering strawberry. Such the perfect spring/summer color.

    By the way, Chanel has complimentary shipping through Friday. No code necessary. I think it's for US customers, though. :(

  4. Such a gorgeous colour. I really want! x

  5. That's such a gorgeous, juicy strawberry red :) I've yet to try a Coco Shine, and there are too many pretty colors that it's hard to choose :(

  6. I received a sample of this lipstick after I purchased other items from Chanel, and it is gorgeous! I have been meaning to pick it up, but $40 price tag here in Canada is making me think twice. I think I will wait until I travel to the US :)

  7. PRETTY!

    I was swatching red lippies at Chanel (the same day I bought Miami Peach) and skipped the Rouge Coco Shine, otherwise I would have noticed this gem! God, I hope I'm not turning into a Chanel fanatic. It's terrible for my wallet. But I really want this now. :))

  8. This is so pretty. I love when red is done in semi-sheer and glossy form!

  9. O a sheer red! That looks right up my alley :)

  10. I LOVE Rouge Coco Shine! I have it in Boy, which is a great neutral color.

  11. Classy & Stunning! Very Marion Cotillard actually who is always French Chic!

  12. I just purchased Monte Carlo after running out of Boy and wanting to try a sheer raspberry shade. I am very impressed! Beautiful color and feel.


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