Saturday, 27 August 2011

Chanel Nail Colour: 529 Graphite

Chanel Nail Colour: 529 Graphite

When I first saw pictures of Chanel's Fall nail colours, I almost immediately made up my mind that I didn't want any of them, because I'm not really a huge fan of shimmery/metallic polish. All the beautiful photos and swatches I've seen over the last few weeks managed to change my mind, though and I decided I needed at least one of the shades. I'd actually intended to pick up Peridot, but the sales assistant at the Chanel counter happened to be wearing Graphite and after seeing it, I couldn't resist.

Chanel Graphite

Graphite is a fairly dark grey shade infused with a lot of pretty silver and gold glitter. In certain light, the colour looks like a cool toned silver, and in other lighting the gold flecks of shimmer are more prominent and really warm the shade up.

Chanel Graphite 529

The first coat of Graphite applied quite sheer and a little bit uneven, but the colour smoothed out beautifully with a second coat and became almost opaque. I've only had the shade on since yesterday so I can't really comment on how it wears, I've not had any chips so far, though. The photo below was taken outside and it was a little bit chilly, so please excuse the pink/red hands.

Chanel Graphite: 2 coats

Chanel Graphite with flash

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase. Graphite is a pretty shade that I'll probably be reaching for quite a lot during during the cooler, autumn and winter months.

Graphite is available online and at Chanel counters now and costs £17.50 for a 13ml bottle

Have you picked up Graphite or either of the other two shades from the collection?


  1. I like this, but I think I really want Peridot!

  2. I love the sparkle in this, it looks stunning. I bought this one as is seemed the most unique. I was very tempted by Quartz but it looked similar to Illamasqua Bacterium. I think I may go back with Bacterium on to compare.

  3. I really like this one a lot- just waiting for the weather to get a little cooler to give it a go again. It looks lovely on you xx

  4. wow! This shade looks amazing! Thanks for taking the time to post this up - another item to add to the wish list! x

  5. I picked up Graphite at the same time as Peridot too. You and I are nail twins lately! I wouldn't have thought Graphite was special if it didn't have both cool AND warm tone but it does and it's totally amazing. Love it.

  6. What a truly beautiful polish colour <3 I love glitter polish, and in grey especially!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. I actually think this is a lot more beautiful than Peridot! My gawd, that fall chanel collection is just gorgeous.

  8. this looks so pretty, i really want to by it now!
    Grace xx

  9. You capture the sparkle so well! I tried this once in store, and it was beautiful.

  10. This color makes my knees weak! :) I didn't want it before your pictures! :*

  11. VijiiS - I'm still debating on Peridot. it does look like a beautiful shade!

    Meeta - I was tempted by Quartz too, but decided on Graphite because it seemed to be a more unique shade. May check out the Illamasqua colour you mentioned if it's quite similar. I haven't tried any of the brands nail colours, but I imagine they're bit cheaper than Chanel's.

    makeup merriment - I think I'm going to wait until the weather's cooler before I wear it again too. I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up my summery shades just yet!

    Liz - I know, we do seem to drawn to the same colours recently! Still need to check out Orange Fizz as well.

    Y - It is a lovely shade! Peridot does look pretty too, but I'm still not sure on it at the moment.

    Thanks for all your comments, everyone!


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