Thursday, 4 August 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco: 08 La Pausa

Chanel Rouge Coco La Pausa

Chanel is a brand I haven't really paid much attention to for a little while because I've been obsessed with other brands like Becca and Dior, but I couldn't resist ordering some goodies for myself when purchasing the prize for my recent giveaway. One of the items was La Pausa which I'd seen swatches of a few months ago. I'd been lusting after a peachy/coral lip colour and I was keen to try out one of Chanel's Rouge Coco lipsticks after reading lots of fantastic reviews on them.

Chanel Rouge Coco 08

I'd describe La Pausa as a peachy coral with golden/coppery shimmer.  It's a pretty, neutral shade which seems to go well with a variety of different looks. The formula is absolute perfection.The texture is creamy, glides on effortlessly and feels really soft, comfortable and light weight. The formula is also long-wearing and lasts for a good four hours before it starts to fade and needs to be reapplied.

The above photo of the swatch was taken in direct sunlight without flash, the photo below was taken in shade with flash. I did attempt a lip swatch, but it didn't turn out well, so I'll update the post with one when the weather's a little bit brighter and my camera wants to cooperate.

L-La Pausa & Coral Reef R-La Pausa alone

Chanel La Pausa & Coral Reef Glossimer

I've mainly been wearing La Pausa on it's own, but the peachy, corally colour also works really well with Chanel's Coral Reef glossimer. The two similar shades seem to complement each other perfectly and create a really pretty, summery lip colour.

Chanel La Pausa & Coral Reef Glossimer

All in all, I'm really pleased with my purchase. The shade is really pretty and a nice change to the usual pink and nude lipsticks I tend to go for, and the formula is really lovely. I'm really glad I've started to rediscover Chanel products and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more shades from the range in the future.

Are you a fan of Rouge Coco lipsticks? 
Are there any must-have shades I need to get?


  1. I could never make those colors work on my lips, but they are beautiful in your swatches and in the tube!

  2. Holy gorgeous! I need this lipstick! - If you don't mind, I'm taking one of your pictures (linking it back to this post) and putting it on my wishlist! Such a beautiful color...I'm captivated.

    *Btw - in case you haven't entered - I have a giveaway going so stop on by if you're interested!*

    <3 Sidd
    (let me know via email or a comment if you don't want me to use one of your photos/post)

  3. Oh NAT. Here we go. I love Chanel Rouge Coco. It's the perfect lipstick! Lipstick and gloss, yes please. You need to get the color "Boy" (named after the great love of Coco's life). It is the perfect neutral color and it looks wonderful on everyone.

  4. These are so beautiful! Do they have any scent to them? x

  5. I like the combo with the lipgloss.

  6. I've never tried them, but I really want to! :) It's such a beautiful colour

  7. i love those colours, they are gorgeous corals.
    Grace xx

  8. Zuzu - I know you're not a fan of these types of shades. I know you prefer your pretty, sheer reds, roses and pinks. I normally stick with similar lip colours too, so I'm quite surprised at how much I like this!

    Sidney - It would look lovely on you! And you're welcome to use one of the photos for your wishlist.

    Sandra - It is pretty!

    Kristen - The formulation is beautiful! I can't believe I've gone so long without trying anything new from Chanel, I forgot how lovely the products and shades are! Thanks for the recommendation, will definitely be having a look around for the shade.

    Evelyn - They do have a very delicate, fresh rose scent, which fades quickly after you've applied.

    Beautyshades - The two shades do complement each other well!

    Vintage - I think you'd really like them and there are so many beautiful colours in the range!

    Grace - I love coral too! I normally wear it on nails, but it's a gorgeous, summery shade for lips too.


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