Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Clarins Truly Matte Foundation Swatches

I've been testing out a new foundation over the past few days (Clarins Truly Matte) which I'm really liking. I'm fairly happy with my current foundation (Clarins Everlasting) but thought I'd give truly matte a go since the weathers starting to get warmer and my skin tends to be really oily in the summer.The base is described as a super-sheer, super-covering stay-fast, oil-free foundation that gives skin a perfect matte finish all day long. Even when it's hot! Coverage is described as medium to full but I'd say it's definitely more medium.

There are only six different shades available (only five at my counter) which seems like a pretty poor selection really, I managed to find quite a good match with Pale Ivory though. It's not a perfect match for my NC15 ish skin tone but it's not bad. The product is fairly runny in consistency and like other Clarins foundations I've tried, quite heavily scented. I actually don't mind this but I know others do. Truly matte seems to apply really well, gives you plenty of time to blend before it starts to dry and feels quite nice on skin too, pretty light weight. Lasting power seems to be great and I've found I need to touch up/blot less when I wear it because my skin stays relatively shine free.

L-R 02 Pale Ivory, 05 Shell, 07 Tender Ivory, 08 Sunlit Beige, 10.5 Apricot

Shade order as above

Overall I really quite like Truly Matte but feel the coverage isn't quite enough for me at the moment. I think I'll be sticking with Everlasting for now and may come back to this when I have slightly less to cover.


  1. They do have a pretty good shade range! :)

  2. Great info thanks for sharing!

  3. I've been wanting to try this foundation for ages.

    I'm very pale too and had never really swatched it (dunno why) but Pale Ivory looks like it would look okay on my face.

    Will have to investigate further :)


  4. I love Clarins, but had not tried this yet - thanks for reviewing!!

  5. I need a lot of coverage on foundation. Thanks for the review

  6. What great swatches! Thanks so much!

  7. I'm surprised that they only have 5 shades. I wonder if that is for the brand as a whole, or just in your area? My skin changes so much during the seasons that I usually need to have 3 separate foundations to match Winter, Spring, and Summer.

    P.S. Thank you for the visit, and the follow, Nat. Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow.

  8. My Beautiful Life, I'm not sure. There only seems to be six shades available online and only five at the counter I visited (they didn't have the darkest shade). It does seem like quite a small range though.

    No probs, your blog is lovely! x

  9. great review! I'm looking for a new foundation at the moment, I just hope that I find one that works for my T-Zone (aka the bane of my life!)

    will have to check Clarins out!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  10. I usually use Skin Illusion, but it's $81 over here, and Strawberrynet doesn't have my shade in stock. I have anxiety so going into town to find a cheaper alternative, or samples for another foundation is out of the question. Your blog with the shade swatches is very helpful for me, as I was thinking I might have to use a different Clarin's foundation, basically whatever I can find cheaper online, and didn't want to buy the wrong colour! I was wondering how the Matte foundation held up with sweating? My workplace is very humid, I am not oily, but do sweat a lot when hot, and can only touch up once at lunch time.


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