Thursday, 25 August 2011

Myface Mymix Foundation

I was recently sent some myface product samples to try and some tubes of the brand's foundation were included, so I've been testing it out over the last couple of days and thought I'd share my initial thoughts on it. 

Myface mymix Foundation

 For those of you who aren't familiar with the range, here's a little bit about the brand:
myface is comprised of three complete colour ranges delineated by skin tone - one for fair skin, one for medium skin and a third for med/dark skin. Within each range are the ideal colours of foundations, concealers, powder, blushers, lipsticks and lip glosses for that skin tone. The range also features an eye collection designed for all skin tones which includes mascara, eye pencils, eyetouch trios and the revolutionary crushed pearl blingtone singles - which create show-stopping icy, iconic eyes. In October of 2008, myface.cosmetics debuted exclusively at Boots stores in the UK and Ireland.

The brand only offer one type of foundation (mymix) which is a liquid base and is available in nine different shades (three in each skin category). I fall into the fair skin category, and Fair 01 (the lightest of all shades) is a pretty good match for my nc15/nc20 skin tone.

myface mymix foundation: 01 Fair

The product is packaged in a simple, clean looking tube, which is hygienic, handbag friendly and makes dispensing the right amount of product an easy task. The liquid is fairly runny in consistency, especially compared to my usual Clarins Everlasting foundation and has a subtle, fresh scent which disappears fairly quickly after it's been applied. It's incredibly easy to apply (I use fingers) and blends in really well with absolutely no streaking.

There's no indication of the level of coverage mymix offers on the brand site, and for some reason I was expecting the base to be sheer, but it's actually more medium coverage. I have quite a lot of break out issues going on at the moment and mymix actually does a really good job at covering them. I still need a dab of concealer on real problem areas, but the base evens out skin tone nicely and conceals minor redness and blemishes without looking or feeling heavy.

myface mymix foundation: 01 Fair

myface mymix swatch: 01 Fair. Left: Blended

I'd describe the finish as semi matte and I'd also describe mymix as a fairly long lasting foundation too. The base lasts a good 4-5 hours on my oily skin (topped with Nars loose powder) before my face needs blotting, and when I've touched up, my foundation looks as good as new again. I've had no issues with the base settling into pores or fine lines, and no nasty surprises with oxidation either.

Here are some swatches of 01 Fair and the other two shades I was sent, on my nc20 (ish) arm.  Each of the shades are from different skin tone ranges. Fair 01 is the lightest shade from the fair range, medium 02 is the second lightest shade from the medium range, and the darkest of the three is the darkest shade from the medium/dark range. Myface offer a fairly good range of colours, which cater for a quite a wide range of skin tones, but those with very fair, or very dark skin may have trouble finding a shade match.

myface mymix foundations: Fair 01, Medium 02 & Medium/Dark 03

mymix swatches: Fair 01, Medium 02 & Medium/Dark 03

Overall, first impressions of mymix are good. It's easy to apply, blends nicely and best of all, it covers well without looking heavy or caked on. My current bottle of Everlasting is coming to an end at the moment, so I think I'll continue to use this for now and see how it goes before re-purchasing the Clarins.

£12.99 from Boots & where you can currently get 20% off of you order and free shipping.


  1. Is this available in the US at all?

  2. VijiiS - It's available on the US site (, but is slightly more expensive than it is here ($28.00 for a 35ml tube).

  3. I do like liquid foundations that tend to the runnier side of the consistency spectrum...very intriguing! I'll have to check the US site.

  4. I've heard great things about this foundation and it's nice to see that the palest shade is actually quite light! I always find foundations too dark for my natural skin tone

  5. The Clarins Everlasting foundation is great so if you're thinking of substituting with this, it must be good stuff!

  6. Fabulous post lovie! Never tried any products from them although I'm quite intrigued now :D!

    May I ask, your photos are always fabulous, are they taken in natural daylight or artificial, and if so, could you advise me on that....pretty please? Mwaah gorgeous! xx

  7. Katey - It is! It would probably be slightly too dark for very fair skin tones, but the shade range is really quite good.

    fluff and fripperies - Everlasting is great stuff! I really am liking the mymix, but the Clarins offers slightly more coverage, which I need at the moment, so I'm still unsure what to do.

    ArtDonatella - Thanks for the complement on the photos! The camera I'm using at the moment is pretty awful and my camera skills aren't great either, so that means a lot :) The above photos were taken inside (some in natural light & some with flash) because the weather was horrible. The swatch photos were taken outdoors. I normally take pictures outside when the weather's ok, because I find colours photograph a lot more accurately.


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