Friday, 19 August 2011

Ciate Nail Colour: Skinny Jeans 022

I actually received this in my July GlossyBox and stashed it away in my polish drawer because I'm not really a fan of blue nail colours. I am quite fond of mint, turquoise, aqua and even teal shades, but tend to shy away from deeper, darker blues.The colour seems to be a popular choice for nails this Fall with Dior and Chanel both releasing blues in their collections, so I decided to fish out the shade yesterday and give it a go.

Ciate Paint Pot Skinny Jeans 022

I'd describe Skinny Jeans as a really pigmented, cobalt or denim blue shade. It's the first polish I've tried from Ciate and I'm really impressed with the formula, which is fairly thick and applied beautifully. The elongated lid and short, fairly wide brush allowed for really precise application, and the quick drying, rich, non streaking colour made painting my nails an absolute pleasure.

Ciate Skinny Jeans with flash (2 coats)

The photos show two coats of colour without a top coat. Ciate describe their nail colours as being long lasting so I thought I'd test it without Seche Vite to see how long the colour lasts.

Skinny Jeans Direct Sunlight (2 coats)

 So has Skinny jeans changed my opinion of blue polish? No, I don't think so. The colour is lovely, but I'm just not ready to embrace smurf nails yet. Blues look lovely on others, but the colour just isn't for me. I'm glad I've given it a go because I've discovered a new brand of great polish, but I doubt I'll be reaching for the shade again anytime soon. 

Ciate nail colours are available here and cost £9.00 for a 13.5ml bottle 

Are you a fan of blue polish?
Do any of the blues from this years fall collections take your fancy?


  1. Pretty shade! I wasn't feeling blue either until very recently but I've finally caught the bug!

  2. I usually stay away from blues but this looks lovely on you! And who can resist the little bow on the bottle? :)

  3. I love this color, I'm not a fan of light blue, but I love the dark blue :-)

  4. Love this shade! There is free Ciate with Marie Claire this month too - I got the dark purple colour and it's lovely.

  5. Those bows just kill me every time I see them. So cute! Lovely blue.

  6. Colours like this really suit you! :) I love blue on you!!

  7. How cute is that litle botle? And the polish color is pretty, too. I am currently wearing a Tiffany's blue color on my nails. I really like it, but yeah, blue can be a little intense...

  8. I lvoe the little bows on the Ciaté nail colors- that is so cute! I think the color is fab on you, but there are some colors that I don't really on me like either (especially browns) so I know what you mean :)

  9. I have a few blues in my collection, but nothing like this- it looks gorg!

  10. Um, I think this looks so fabulous!!!! I also have trouble wearing blue on my nails even though I love the colour in the bottle. But seriously, I think this looks amazing on you. You need to reconsider.

  11. fluff and fripperies - I was hoping this might change my mind because some of the blue polish I've seen in the Fall promo pics look beautiful. Will have to check out some other, slightly more subtle shades of blue I think.

    Y - Thanks! The bows look great, don't they?

    JennaRaeXoXo - I'm the complete opposite! I like paler blues and mint greens, but don't like the darker shades on me.

    SíleC - Thanks for the heads up! Will look out for that one.

    PerilouslyPale - I know, they're a lovely little touch.

    Vintage - Thanks. Will have to see if I can find a shade of blue I like.

    Kristen - It can. This one's a pretty bright, in your face shade, which is probably why I'm not a fan.

    Tasha - Yeah, I guess we all have shades that we're not particularly fond of. I do actually quite like browns for Fall/Winter, though :)

    Amy - It is a pretty shade!

    Liz - Thank you! I will probably cave and grab one of the Fall colours. The Dior shade you posted about recently actually caught my eye, so I may give that one a go!


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