Sunday, 14 August 2011

Chanel Nail Colour: 489 Rose Insolent

Chanel 489 Rose Insolent

 I'm wearing another Chanel colour on my nails at the moment, and today's shade is another summery number. I'd describe Rose Insolent as a fairly bright, warm pink.

Chanel Rose Insolent

Like the other Chanel shades I've been wearing recently, Rose Insolent applied beautifully. 
The colour went on evenly with absolutely no streaking, dried fairly quickly and was completely opaque with two thin coats. The photo on the left is without flash and the one on the right is with.

I have used a coat of Orly Bonder underneath, but no top coat. I've mentioned before that my usual top coat (Seche Vite) doesn't seem to work well with my Chanel colours for some reason and I always seem to get a lot of shrinkage if I use them together. I find Chanel's colours have a lovely glossy finish even without a top coat and also seem to last/wear well too.

Chanel Rose Insolent, Miami Peach & Splendeur

And I just thought I'd include a couple of other fairly bright and summery shades I've been wearing over the past few weeks. I'm making the most of them at the moment before Summer disappears completely.

Chanel Rose Insolent, Miami Peach & Splendeur (photo taken in shade).

Hope everyone's had a lovely weekend!


  1. This shade is beautiful on you! =D

  2. really beautifull that color...
    i like ur blogg and ur tips..
    kisses from Chile

  3. Gorgeous colour. I've been looking for something like this (a summery bright pink that isn't fuchsia) and this is perfect. Had to be Chanel, right? ;)

  4. Stunning colour! Really summery and floral!

  5. Another Chanel color? You are very naughty. Hand them over, and I'll forsake your sins :P

  6. Oooh, another beauty! It looks a touch lighter than Splendeur.

    I don't know if you saw my reply to you re: Orange Fizz but I think it would look fantastic on you! I decided against it because it emphasizes the yellow in my skin tone but it would complement your fair skin nicely. It's a milky creme without shimmer and much more orange rather than peach as the name indicates, so I do think it's quite different from Miami Peach enough that it might be worth having if you're expanding your Chanel collection!

  7. Such a pretty color! Seems like a great, sunny summer color :)

  8. What a beautiful collection of Chanel brights! I'm not brave enough to wear R.I. on my fingers, but I'd love to do Miami Peach =)

  9. Very pretty shade :) I am dying to try Miami Peach!

  10. Chanel really makes the PRETTIEST colors. They are always just a little more vibrant / special / beautiful than other polishes.


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