Thursday, 9 June 2011

Chantecaille Ecstasy Blush Swatches

Chantecaille is a brand I've wanted to try for a while now. I've heard so many good things about their products and I've come across some gorgeous swatches recently so I finally decided to take the plunge last week and ordered something from Space NK. I had trouble deciding on what to buy first from the brand (there are so many lovely things!), but after searching through what was available, I finally decided on a blush. 

I normally stick to really natural blush shades which add just a tiny hint of colour, so I was quite surprised at how much Ecstasy appealed to me. I'd describe the shade as quite a bright, dark raspberry colour with very subtle gold shimmer.

Chantecaille Ecstasy

Chantecaille Cheek colour: Ecstasy

The shade is a bit scary in the pan but looks very delicate and pretty on skin when it's a applied with a light hand. The formula is pigmented, silky smooth and blends with absolute ease. The gold shimmer is hardly visible on cheeks and like the Becca Flowerchild blush I swatched recently, it has a subtle, almost glowy finish.

Swatched really heavily on the left and Lightly on the right

I found the shade quite difficult to photograph, it still looks very bright and loud even in my lighter swatch. On cheeks, it's much more subtle and leaves a very pretty, sheer pink colour. I didn't have time to photograph what it looks like on yesterday, I will take a picture and update the post when I have time though.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, this is the first product I've tried from Chantecaille and I'm completely in love with it. The shade is beautiful, the formula feels soft, silky and light weight, and the finish looks incredibly natural and non powdery. Lasting power seems to be excellent on my oily skin too! I really can't wait to try some of the other lovely shades from the range.

Do you have any favourite products from Chantecaille?


  1. i have been so into blush lately i love this bright color!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Holy pink!!! That is gorgeous! I don't own any Chantecaille colour yet. Hmmm....

  3. What a beautiful colour love the pink and the shimmer.

  4. I had no idea Chantecaille made such a bright pink. Thanks for the swatches and photos! Ecstasy is gorgeous and reminds me of Bobbi Brown Pale Pink blush, which is really quite fuchsia and looks good on me.

    I love reading Chantecaille reviews, as it's one of my favorite brands. My top items from the line are Lip Chic, Hydra Chic, Highlighting powder, the incredible animal-themed palettes, the Palette d'Olivia (LOVE), and all of the eyeshadows, but particularly the Shine and Iridescent formulations.

  5. Oh you have such pretty make-up products and good quality ones! I am jealous! When I 'grow up' I want to have your makeup collection! xo

  6. Wow that's a bright pink! I don't have anything from Chantecaille yet but was very close to purchasing the turtle palette. Thanks for the swatches.

  7. I really want some of the Chantecaille eyeshadow palettes! They're gorg, you should check them out. :)

  8. Wow that is pink! It is so beautiful! Really must add Chantecaille to the must try list!

  9. This is my second Chantecaille post I've read in a row! Oh, how I think I need more Chantecaille in my life now! I only have their sea turtles palette and a lip gloss. I need to stop by a counter to see what catches my eye. Beautiful pics!!!

  10. I've never heard of this brand but wow! That is SO gorgeous. *_*

  11. Oh my... BEAUTIFUL. There's a reason I haven't gone near Chantecaille... I'll do crazy things once I get up and close to the gorgeous products. Enjoy your new blush! :)

  12. their blushes are awesome aren't they? I really love the lip chics and hydra chics too. And the potted glosses are nice too. OO and future skin foundation. and the skincare. ok i love this brand.

  13. When I first looked a the photo I could have sworn this was a cream blush! Wow that baby is SMOOTH! They have some lovely items- I need to get out the few shadows I have and give them some love. Can't wait to see your FOTD! x

  14. I haven't tried Chantecaille yet but am hearing great things, the lipsticks in particular.It really doesnt swatch how you think it would but in a good way!Looks like its a good buildable pigment

  15. Steffys Pros and Cons, me too. I didn't wear any for a while but I'm starting to get back in to it again.

    Zuzu's Petals, I didn't either until I spotted it on the Space NK site. Will have to check out the Bobbi Brown blush you mentioned and some of your Chante favourites. I'm desperate to try the Lip Chics and the eye shadows sound fantastic too!

    ArtDonatella, Your, when I 'grow up' comment made me laugh :D You have a lovely collection too and you create really beautiful looks with yours too!

    Kristie, It is! The Sea turtle palette looks beautiful, not sure I could bring myself to use it if I owned it, it's just too pretty.

    Vintage Makeup, I know, they are really lovely, but also really expensive! :p

    Hopelessly Devoted, thank you. I've actually added a couple of the gloss shades to my wish list too. The Chante gloss you posted photos of on your blog was really pretty.

    Liz, tell me about it. The products are beautiful but they're so expensive!

    luv2smilexo, they are! They're unbelievably soft and smooth, really lovely. Will be checking out some of the products you listed :)

    makeup merriment, It is incredibly smooth and you should get out the shadows you own, would be fab to see some swatches of them!

    Me, my best and I, The lipsticks do sound great, can't wait to try them! The colour is buildable, applied with a light hand, it's very subtle.



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