Monday, 27 June 2011

Picture Post: Dior Lipstick Swatches

384, 482, 680, 382 & 660

Dior Addict 384, Dior High Shine 420, Ultra shines; 382, 420, 482, 660, 680 & Dior Addicts 527 & 649

  •  Dior Addict 384 Rose Scenario
  • Dior High Shine 420 Bronze Bombshell
  • Ultra Shine 382 Shiniest Rose
  • Ultra Shine 420 Shiniest Style
  • Ultra Shine 482 Shiniest petal
  • Ultra Shine 660 Shiniest Cassis
  • Ultra Shine 680 Shiniest Mauve
  • Dior Addict 527 Polychrome Brown
  • Dior Addict 649 Red Interference

The Dior Addict lipsticks have now been revamped and have new packaging. The shade range has also changed, but I've noticed quite a few sites still stock them. Ultra-Shine lipsticks were replaced with High Shine lipsticks but they can also still be found online (Strawberry net, Fragrance X and e-bay).

Do you have any favourite lip products from Dior?


  1. Ohmigod, so many lipsticks!

    I really love the look of that No382, and 482 is lovely too. Pale pink and/or (pale) coral all the way :-)


  2. Great collection there sweety! I don't own any Dior lipsticks, the only thing I owned from them was an eyeliner that was terrible.

  3. they look all so gorgeous...
    I think I could not decide which to buy!
    xx ali avenue

  4. Oh, Nat, are you trying to kill me? This is mental, love, love these, especially "680"! Did I mention already that I need you makeup collection? Can I 'shout' that again? xoxo

  5. Wow, look at your collection! It's probably no surprise that I am drawn to 680 and 649, but they are all so pretty.

  6. These are amazing.
    Yey for red!

  7. These look so creamy and tempting! These may just be the lipstick that turns me into a lipstick lover! Great all around pics, especially the swatches on your arm.

  8. Gorgeous collection! I have a few Dior lippies myself but my few are very boring in contrast to all these beautiful sheer shimmering shades!

  9. what stunning swatches! I've wanted to try the Dior Addict lippies for ages


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