Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Few Favourite Pink Nail Colours

In a recent Spring Shades post, I mentioned how much I've been enjoying pastel colours for nails lately and talked about a few shades in particular that I've been sporting on nails over the past month or so. There's another colour I've loving lately as well though, pink, so I thought I'd do a little post on some favourites/shades that have made an appearance recently. 

Butter London's Primrose Hill Picnic, Rose Insolent and Lolly Pop look quite similar in the nail wheel swatches, but they're all different. Primrose Hill Picnic is a bright, opaque fuchsia creme. Chanel Rose Insolent is a medium, rosy pink. And Lolly Pop is similar to Rose insolent, but is brighter and has a touch of red in it. They're all quite bright, summery pinks, but as soon as the sun makes an appearance, these sorts of colours are the first I reach for.

The softer pinks I've been liking a lot are Butter London's Teddy Girl, which is a milky, opaque pale pink and OPI's Bubble Bath, which is more of a nude with tiny hint of pink. Bubble Bath has actually been a favourite for a while. It's the shade I reach for when I don't fancy colour on my nails, but want them to look clean and fresh. Essie's Vanity Fairest is another favourite, soft pink, too.

All of the swatches above are with two coats of colour apart from Bubble Bath and Teddy Girl. Bubble Bath is quite sheer after two coats, so I normally add a third, and I find application with Teddy Girl to be a bit uneven, so it takes three coats of colour to get a completely even, streak free finish. The three brighter shades all apply perfectly.

So, those are a few of the pink nail colours that I've been reaching for a lot lately. When having a bit of hunt through the collection, I was quite surprised at how many fuchsias and bright rose shades I've actually managed to collect over the past few years and don't think I'll be adding to the stash for a little while. I do have my eye on Chanel's Rose Confidentiel, though which looks like a pretty, medium rose pink with a jelly-like finish - a really lovely colour! 

Are you a fan of pink polish? Any favourite shades?


  1. Bubble Bath was my first nude polish =) it remains one of my favourites to this day!

  2. all these pinks are so pretty! I love pink polishes!

  3. Hi Nat,

    I love your swatch of Primrose Hill Pink! Bubble Bath is also a favorite of mine :)

  4. Oh, love the milky pink of BL Teddy Girl. I've always wanted that one! But there are so many bold and new colors all the time, that these more demure shades always get passed by.

  5. I don't have very many pinks but now you make me want to take out the stash and count. This is so femme and pretty!

  6. Bubble Bath is absolutely next on my list, just look at it! I quite like Essie's 'Cute as a Button.'


  7. I love the colour of Teddy Girl.
    I usually prefer dark nail polishes, but with pinks I prefer the light colours.
    I don't know why, hihi

    Xx Anne


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