Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Picture post: A Few Favourite MAC Shadows

Cork: A muted golden brown (matte)

Sumptous olive: Khaki with pearl (Veluxe pearl)

Yogurt: Soft pale pink (matte)

Woodwinked: A warm antique gold (Veluxe pearl)

Satin Taupe: Taupe with silver shimmer (Frost) 

Twinks: A deep plum (Veluxe pearl)

Satin Taupe, Woodwinked, Twinks, Sumptuous Olive, Cork, Yogurt

As above but with flash

Do you have any favourite MAC shadows?


  1. I love 'yogurt' - it looks really pretty :) xo

  2. Thanks for reminding me to get Sumptuous Olive! ;)

  3. Woodwinked looks gorgeous! I have Satin Taupe :)

  4. How pretty!!! I've added Woodwinked and Satin Taupe to my Want List!

  5. great colors, i like them all except "yogurt", it's nice but it wouldn't match me...

  6. My favourites are Femme Fi (discontinued), Shroom, Handwritten, Patina, Fig 1, Vex. I've whittled my collection down to just a 16 and 4 pan palette.

  7. My favorites are Yogurt, Copperplate, Satin Taupe, Mystery, Shale, and Typographic. I have also whittled my collection down to a 15 and 5 pan palette.

    Nat, are you going to get any of the new MAC shadows from the Blogger's Obsession collection?

  8. I have Satin Taupe and it's a favorite. Definitely like the looks of Twinks

  9. Great colors. I have most of them except Twinks and Yogurt, but I am loving both colors. <3

  10. nice selection :) my favorites are naked lunch, satin taupe, and mulch.

  11. Yoghurt looks great! *adds to wishlist*

  12. I definitly need some new mac make-up :D

  13. Hannah - Yogurt is a really pretty shade and one that I find myself reaching for a lot!

    Flyavsted - No probs :)

    Vintage Makeup - Woodwinked is lovely and Satin Taupe is also a great shade.

    PerilouslyPale - Patina is one of my favourites too! I was going to include it, but completely forgot about it when I took the photos :/

    Zuzu - I read somewhere that the collection's not going to be released here in the UK. Real shame if it isn't, a couple of the eye shadows look lovely!

    Thanks for commenting everyone, and for sharing your favourites! xx

  14. My all time fav is Woodwinked! I have gone through about 5! I love satin taupe and sumptuous olive! It is so funny that with all of Mac's shades there are a few staples that everyone, no matter the skin tone, loves!

  15. Ah nice, mooie kleurtjes! :) Word er altijd zo hebberig van als ik zulke posts zie :P


  16. Great choices! I also love Satin Taupe and Sumptious Olive.

    Some other favourites are- Shadowy Lady, Flourishing, Plumage, Copperplate, Omega, Texture, Cork...


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