Thursday, 2 June 2011

Jemma Kidd Silk Touch Gloss

Red magazine are offering a fantastic freebie with their July issue, a full size Jemma Kidd Silk Touch lip gloss in a choice of three lovely shades; a pretty pink, a summery coral and a red which was created especially for the magazine. I actually picked up a Jemma Kidd gloss as part of a similar deal last year and really loved the shade and formula (I repurchased the Fuchsia colour recently) so I thought I'd grab one of the colours on offer. Can you guess which one I went for?

Red July 2011 issue

Jemma Kidd Coral

Yep, I ended up getting the Coral (I just can't get enough of the colour lately)

It's a gorgeous juicy, orange coral shade which leaves lips with a transparent hint of non sticky colour. The formula has a delicate grapefruit scent and feels really comfortable and light weight. Lasting power's not bad either.

Jemma Kidd Coral

Coral & Fuchsia

I haven't decided if I'll be picking up the pink or red shades yet, the pink does look really pretty! 

Will you be grabbing any of the shades?

(The magazine's out now and costs £3.80. The free gloss is worth £14.00!)


  1. Great pick doll...I will too be picking up the so fun and flirty how can we not right?

    <3 Marina

  2. That is such a fab deal, totally jealous that something like that was offered over there! I think that coral lip gloss looks so current and pretty - you made a great choice!

  3. I agree, I'm so jealous! JK is expensive to get a lip gloss for that cheap & a magazine would be fabulous!

  4. I have never read Red magazine (!) but this sounds like a great deal.

    I'm not really into glosses (I'm weird!) but Coral looks very pretty :-)


  5. Both pretty, but coral was a really good choice. It's perfect for this season.

  6. I love both those colors. And I agree with the above poster, so lush!

  7. I really wanted the coral but my campus shop only had red so will have to have a look around :)

    I got my sanctuary facial and the barry m polishes yesterday - thank you so, so much! I'm looking forward to using the facial tomorrow, it looks so nice! :) xxx

  8. The Coral is beautiful! Right on trend for the summer!

  9. I love that JK Coral. Thanks for the great review!

  10. Marina, it is a fun, summery shade!

    Hopelessly Devoted and Vintage, It is a pretty good deal, it's a shame magazines don't offer similar deals in the US!

    Miss A, I don't normally read Red either, I couldn't resist picking up a copy when I spotted the freebie though :)

    Alexutza, It is perfect for summer!

    Daisy, It's a shame your campus shop only had the red, hope you don't have too many problems finding the Coral! Glad the package turned up ok, hope you enjoyed your facial :)



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