Monday, 6 June 2011

Becca Lost Weekend Collection

I've barely finished picking out what else to get from the Halcyon Days collection but I'm already excited about Becca's Fall collection which consists of gorgeous earthy shades of tan, caramel and chocolate for eyes, subtle, dusty pink and peach for cheeks, and subdued nude on the lips.

 Here's what's included in the collection:

Lost Weekend Palette

Escape from the ordinary with the Lost Weekend Palette. This limited edition 3-hole eye colour palette washes eyes in earthy tones of nude, fawn and tan, in a combination of velvet matte and soft shimmer formulas. 

The lost weekend palette contains:
  • Eye Colour Powder - Chino
  • Eye Colour Powder - Moleskin
  • Eye Colour Powder - Moire

Nail Colour

There are three new nail colours:
  • Saddle Up - Caramel Nude
  • Toasted Marshmallow - Soft Brown Pink
  • Billy Tea - Dark Mushroom Taupe

Mineral Blush

BECCA Mineral Blush is a luxury powder for cheeks, imparting natural, luminous colour that is ultra-kind to skin.This longwearing mineral contains a hint of highlight to lift the complexion, with a delicate formula that never appears cakey or chalky.

There are two new shades:
  • Tawny Rose -  Rosy plum Nude
  • Tawny Peach - Peachy Nude

  Mineral Bronzing/highlighting duo

Dress skin with a bronzy, candle lit glow with BECCA’s Mineral Bronzer/ Illuminator, in Serrana (matte light bronze on one side; soft flesh-toned shimmer on the other side). This lightweight bronzing and illuminating duo adds luminous polish and radiance to the complexion, minimizes flaws by deflecting unflattering light and sculpts and defines features with sunkissed warmth.

Eye Tint

  • Baroque - Mushroom Beige

The bronzing/highlight duo and eye tint aren't new products so they're available now, the rest of the collection will be available later on this year. I have my eye on the Lost Weekend Palette, peach blush and all of the gorgeous nail colours. 

Will you be getting anything from the collection?



  1. I'm loving the eye shades . they look great on brown eyes :)

  2. I'd want to see the palette in person (not likely :( ) or swatched before I buy, but I am all over those nail polishes! How interesting that they call Baroque a mushroom beige. I don't see any grey in Baroque at all, and I wish I did! Mine is a soft golden brown. Wah.

    Thanks much for the preview. I love Becca products.

  3. The eyeshadow palette looks divine, my type of colours exactly. I can't wait for it to be released either. Add to wishlist :)

  4. Oooh loving the look of the palette!

  5. Those colours look yummy! I still need to wade into the Becca waters a little more. This may be the collection!

  6. oh lordy, i am stlll saving up for halycon days! but these looks beautiful, really me - i love the idea of peaches and nudes in the autumn instead of the usual purples and berries
    amina x

  7. Wow, where can I get these? I have to have the 2 polishes on the right!

  8. I don't own any Becca, but I love their promo image! I'd have to say the palette looks the most appealing to me here =)

  9. Ugh... how is it possible to love Becca so much without even having tried it? Drooling.

  10. Hi. The nail polishes look really nice. But I never heard about this brand.

    Yes Elf is very cheap but some products are a hit or miss. The ones i bought i am quite happy with them:)

  11. I love earthly shades, their my all time favorite:)

  12. Dora, They do, don't they?

    Zuzu's Petals, There are actually swatches on a few different blogs already because the collection has already been released in Australia. I think there are also some swatches of the polishes too! It's a shame the shade description of Baroque isn't accurate, mushroom beige sounds a lot more appealing than golden brown!

    Makeup and Macaroons, The collection's already available in Australia! :)

    Vintage, The palette's gorgeous, isn't it?

    PerilouslyPale, They do look yummy, they're really lovely shades!

    Amina, Tell me about it. There are still a few things I'm eyeing from the Halcyon Days collection too!

    shimmerspark, The collection will be released in the US later on in the year (fall).

    Dovey, The image is beautiful. I always get suckered in by Becca's gorgeous promo pics.

    Liz, You should give some of the products a go, they really are lovely! :)

    Beautyshades, They do and the brand is available from quite a few different sites (Zuneta, lookfantastic and also from the UK Becca site). Thanks for the heads up on the Elf Products!

    pintojak, Me too!



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