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Review: Diorshow Black Out Mascara

I've mentioned in previous reviews that I'm not really a huge fan of mascara. I've tried lots of different formulas from lots of different brands, but I always seem to find something wrong with them. My lashes are quite dark but they're not particularly long or full so I tend to look for products which promise to thicken and add length but still look quite natural. I've tried quite a few of Dior's mascaras and I've really liked a couple of them (Iconic and Diorshow) so I decided to give Black out a go too.

What Dior say about Blackout

Dior reinvents mascara by incorporating pro techniques into one ingenious product. Courtesy of Black Fix Complex - a unique blend of deeply saturated pigments - this creamy formula is the first to reproduce the intensity of kohl. Thickening powder adds staying power, while an Arabic gum extract provides a perfect charcoal-like finish and adds to its incredible resistance. Spectacularly intense!

Diorshow Black Out

My thoughts

Well my first gripe with the mascara is the brush which feels quite large. In actual fact, it's no bigger than other brushes which I seem to do fine with (Benefit Bad gal) but for some reason, Dior's feels big and bulky and makes application messy. I find it very difficult to apply without smudging and I also find the actual bristles to be too soft which makes it hard to coat and define lashes without making them clumpy. The consistency of the mascara is quite 'wet' too which doesn't really help matters either.

Diorshow Blackout brush

When the formula dries, it feels stiff on my lashes and feels uncomfortable and heavy. My eye's also feel irritated when I'm wearing it, which is something I've not really experienced with other products.The mascara does darken and lengthen well but also looks thick and clumpy as you can see in the after picture (sorry about the poor quality pics).



Black out doesn't seem to wear well on me either. Whenever I use it, I always seem to end up with smudges on my brow bone or underneath my eyes which are really difficult to remove. Getting it off at the end of the day is hard work too. Even when I use Clinique's Take the day off and cleanse after, I still have traces of the mascara on my lashes and always wake up with smudges the next day.

Overall I'm really not impressed with Black out at all. It's difficult to apply, smudges and smears and it's a pain to remove. It's a product I don't reach for often and one I definitely wont be repurchasing. I seem to be having better luck with lower priced mascara's at the moment so I think I'll be sticking with them for now.

Have you tried Black out? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. I've used the original Diorshow (years ago) and didn't really like it much. It was OK but nothing spectacular.
    However, I love the look of your eyelashes on that 2nd photo! Wow! I know you're not exactly fond of this mascara but... I need it now! :-P (I don't mind heavy mascaras, I like thick lashes but the smudging could be a problem. Ho hum)

    Oh, Nat, you always make me want to get stuff I don't really need ;-))


  2. That mascara really does alot for your lashes! It is too bad that it irritates your eyes, it really did create a nice look.

  3. That's too bad, I hate when mascara makes my lashes feel stiff!

  4. What a dramatic transformation! I one tried the Blackout in a mini sampler and I liked it, but it was a bit out there for my eyes--maybe too dramatic. By the way, your eyes are lovely, such a limpid gorgeous shade of copper, like two shiny new pennies.

  5. Too bad it doesn't work for you, the results speak for themselves and look amazing!

  6. Wow! Your lashes are so dramatic! It's too bad the other factors are cons. I think the irritation and under eye runoff are big no-nos. The other day I was pulled into trying Dior extase at the counter. It was also incredibly volumizing, but a bit heavy, pulling my lashes down. Do you have other Dior mascaras that you like better?

  7. I've yet to try a Dior mascara. I think I'm too afraid to veer from my HG Armani Eyes to Kill. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE it but I keep getting annoyed with the feeling it's drying out to quick on me but then just end up wasting a bunch of $ trying to find a replacement.

  8. I haven't had much luck with this one either, mainly because of its big brush.It did show a big improvement in lengthening, but the overall effect was messy for me too.

  9. I've tried it and loved it... except for the fact that, like you, it smudged halfway through the day.

  10. Miss A, If you like heavy mascaras and don't mind larger brushes, it might be worth giving it a go, the smudging is a bit of a pain though. Might be worth checking out the waterproof version if you do decide to try it, I imagine you'd probably have less issues with that one. Would probably be a complete nightmare to remove though :)

    productdoctor, It does lengthen and thicken well, it's just a shame there are so many other problems with it.

    Vintage, I hate stiff lashes too! Not a nice feeling at all.

    Zuzu's Petals, It's a little bit too dramatic for me too, I much prefer more natural looking mascaras. Thanks for the nice comment about my eyes :)

    Hopelessly Devoted, I'm quite surprised so many people have liked the look in the after picture. I thought it looked quite heavy and clumpy, that may be because I'm used to more natural looking lashes though I suppose.

    Dovey, It's a shame extase feels heavy too, I don't think I'll bother trying that one. I've actually really liked a couple of other Dior mascaras. I seemed to get on ok with the regular Diorshow and I also liked Iconic too!

    PerilouslyPale, I haven't tried Armani's mascara yet. Your lashes always look lovely in your photos so I may have a look in to that one.

    Alexutza, The brush feels huge doesn't it? I really can't apply it properly at all without smudging or smearing it. I much prefer smaller brushes which are easier to handle.

    JC! :), It's a shame it smudged on you too! I found the smudges really difficult to remove as well which was annoying.



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