Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Leighton Denny Swatches

Last year, I started a little series of Leighton Denny swatch posts, which I unfortunately didn't get around to finishing due to my little blogging break, so I thought I'd finish up with a kind of round up post of all of the colours together. I've also added a few pictures of what some of the shades look like applied. 

I've already mentioned a few times how much I like the Leighton Denny formula, so I wont ramble on about it again. I will say that the brand is one of my favourites for nail colours though. There's a lovely range of fairly unique shades available, they apply well, and are pretty long lasting too. 

Whatever: A shimmer free, creamy mauve shade, which is slightly streaky after the first coat, but the pretty colour evens out well with a second. 

Crushed Grape: is a soft, creamy burgundy and applies perfectly. 

Stormy Weather: A beautiful purple shot through with tiny, delicate silver shimmer. 

Rebel: A really rich, dramatic purple shot through with tiny micro shimmers. Looks quite sheer after the first coat, but is rich and opaque with a second. 

No Comment: A really deep iridescent plummy shade shot through with tiny red sparkles. Again, application is slightly uneven with a first coat, but the colour evens out nicely with a second. 

Supermodel: One of Leighton Denny's best selling shades. An elegant creamy, mink/milk chocolate colour which applies perfectly. 

Little Minx: A pretty, metallic bronze/beige shade. This one applies well, but requires three coats for completely opaque colour. 

Steel Appeal: A dark grey, shot through with tiny silver shimmer. Again, this one applies nicely, but I find it needs three, thin coats for a completely opaque colour. 

Vamp: A deep, dark, glossy red, which is very similar to Chanel's Rouge Noir.

Provocative: A glamorous, bright, classic red, which applies perfectly and dries to an amazingly shiny finish.

Viva La Diva: A super glossy, vibrant orange-y red. A perfect, summer-y manicure or pedicure colour. 

Feel The Burn: A warm, earthy, terracotta shade. I actually wore this one a lot during the colder months, but the colour also works as a summer shade, too, and looks great against slightly tanned/darker skin. 

Rampant Rose: A rich, creamy, berry-ish/red shade, which is very similar to Chanel’s April. 

I Love Juicy: A vibrant, rich orange/coral cream. One of my 'go to' summer manicure and pedicure shades. 

Do Me A Flavour: A bright, juicy orange. Applies well, but I find it takes three coats to get complete coverage. 

Lolly Pop: A bright, berry/pink.Another fantastic summer shade, which works well on fingers and toes. 

Some Like It Hot: Is described as a sassy, summery red, but I'd say it's more pink. it applies well and dries to a gorgeously glossy finish. 

And some swatches of some of the shades applied. All two coats of colour apart from Little Minx and Do Me A Flavour, and no top coat applied.

Leighton Denny Stormy Weather, Whatever, Crushed Grape & Rebel

Leighton Denny No Comment, Little Minx, Vamp & Supermodel

Leighton Denny Lolly Pop, Do Me A Flavour, Provocative & I love Juicy

All shades available from  (free postage on orders over £20.00) & from the Leighton Denny site (£11.00 for a 12ml bottle)


  1. I really like all of these shades! Especially the vampy No Comment and the bright Do Me a Flavour. I don't think these are available here, but it's nice to see what kind of colors people are drawn to!

    1. I actually attempted a fishtail mani with Do Me A Flavour over the weekend, Larie, like the one you posted a few weeks ago. Mine went horribly wrong, though ha. It's a shame the brand's not available over there, they're fantastic quality and there are some really nice shades in the range.

  2. Me encanta el color Whatever <3, pero todos son simplemente fantásticos!!!! :)

    Un besito guapa!

  3. Amazing! Love all the colours you chose. My fave set is the bright peppy shades at the end. :)

    1. Think they're my faves too actually, Liz. Seriously can't wait for the warmer weather now, really looking forward to wearing brighter, summery nail colours!

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  5. Brilliant post, I love Lolly Pop & Whatever will need to add that to my shopping list. Love your swatches too!
    I bought some of the QVC specials recently & they are fantastic!


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