Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Quick Eye Look with Dior Iridescent Leather

After purchasing Becca's Enigma palette a few months ago, it quickly became my go-to palette and I found myself reaching for it almost everyday. The lovely shades are perfect for creating quick and easy looks which are natural and polished. I've been trying to mix things up a bit over the last few weeks though and have started to use a few other palettes I have in it's place, Dior's Iridescent Leather is one of them. 

Products used in the photo below

Dior Iridescent Leather with flash

The above photo was taken with flash so the shades look a lot more shimmery than they actually are, the photos below are a lot more accurate (apologies for the slightly blurry pics). I used Becca's Vicuna Eye Tint as a base (brilliant stuff), the pink from IL all over the lid, the light brown from the top right in the crease and the darker brown from the bottom left in the outer V. The liner is Maybelline's lasting drama in Black and the Mascara is Max factor's False Lash effect.

Dior Iridescent Leather

I've applied everything slightly heavier than I normally would in an attempt to get the colours to show up in the photo, but I think the result is still pretty natural. I'm not sure if I love IL quite as much as the Enigma palette at the moment, but the combination of browns, bronzes and the pretty pink do work together nicely and make creating simple, quick eye looks an easy task.

Do you have a go-to eye palette?


  1. Lovely! That palette is a beauty! I'm still loving my Armani heat palette and Chanel Topkapi. My go to for the summer!

  2. Nat, it is very cruel of you to tease people with this eyeshadow palette that can't be had for love or money. ;)

    It looks gorgeous on you. It makes your eyes glisten.

  3. Wow this is so pretty!:DD

  4. I LOVE this look! It really makes you look awake, and refreshed. :) You have lovely eyes dear!

  5. That looks lovely! My go to is UD Naked.

  6. Beautiful palette! I have Dior Incognito, but this looks very pretty as well.

  7. productdoctor - The Topkapi palette looked gorgeous on you in the fotd you posted recently!

    Zuzu - it is a bit :D I've heard there are some pretty good dupes of the colours out there though. The shades in Lorac's SnakeCharmer look very similar (Karla sugar has comparison swatches) and I have spotted the odd IL palette on eBay too!

    Laura & Amy - Thank you!

    Vintage - The lighter shades do a pretty good job at brightening.

    Anonymous - Thank you! I haven't actually tried the Naked palette. I'm not a huge fan of UD make up so it never really appealed to me that much, the colours do look lovely though!

    Staci - I have Incognito too and reach for it often. It's one of the few palettes that I've used up entirely and re-purchased actually! The shades are great for creating natural looks!


  8. wow That champagne color looks AMAZING on you!!

    xo Jackie


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