Sunday, 10 July 2011

Becca Pressed Bronzing Powder: Flamenco

At the beginning of the year I nabbed myself a Becca Bronzing powder during a Beauty Expert sale and have found myself reaching for it a lot since. The shade I purchased (Calypso) creates a nice bronzed look on my skin without looking orange-y or unnatural and the fine, easy to blend powder seems to hold up well on my oily skin too. 

Calypso is actually the darkest of the four shades on offer according to the Becca site and actually works really well on my Nc20 ish skin tone at the moment (when applied with a light hand), but would be a tad too dark during the winter months when my skin's paler. I'd actually planned to pick up a lighter colour to use on my pasty winter skin, so I was delighted could barely contain myself when I clicked on salon skincare's site last week and spotted Flamenco had been reduced to £6.00 in their sale!

Becca Bronzer

What Becca say about their pressed Bronzer

Pressed Bronzing Powder adds warmth to the skin with a subtle bronzed, shimmer effect. Its micro-fine formulation is the perfect way to add colour, depth, and contour to the face, while creating a healthy looking, sun-kissed complexion.

Key attributes
  • The neutral (non-orange) tones provide a natural look and suits all complexions
  • Ultra-fine micronized powder ensures a sheer and even finish to the skin
  • Can be used to "even" pale skin on any area of the body that requires bronzing

Flamenco is described as a light golden bronze on the Becca site which is a pretty accurate description. As with Calypso, it contains some really fine shimmer which is barely visible on skin and creates a glowy finish rather than a shimmery or glittery effect.

Becca Bronzing Powder: Flamenco

The actual powder feels soft and smooth and it applies and blends like a dream. It leaves me with a believable, subtle colour and there is absolutely no orange in sight!

Swatches: Left: Flamenco & Right: Calypso

Both shades have been swatched fairly heavily in the above photo to give you a good idea of the colours. Flamenco is quite a bit lighter than Calypso and is slightly less shimmery.

Becca: Flamenco

All in all, I'm pleased with both of the colours I've purchased. Both are easy to apply, look natural, hold up well on my oily skin and haven't caused any problems with break outs. Flamenco would be perfect for those of you with lighter skin or for those who are just starting out with bronzer and want something really subtle and natural. I'm not sure if Flamenco is still reduced on the Salon Skincare site, but if it is, I definitely recommend picking one up! 

Ingredients (Click to Enlarge)

What's your current favourite bronzing powder?


  1. Oh this looks nice. I'm NC15 so have to be cautious about which bronzsers i use but this looks easily wearable. Nice nice.

  2. That looks gorgeous! Still waiting for Bececa to be sold in Canada. :(

  3. I have never bought as many bronzers as I have this summer, but the lightest one looks like something I want.

  4. Looks gorgeous! I think you may have a Becca obsession :)

  5. Jo, it is really wearable. It's definitely one of the most natural looking bronzers I've tried!

    Liz, it's such a shame Becca isn't available in Canada. Have you thought about maybe ordering online? I know Lookfantastic ship all over the world and I'm sure postage is completely free!

    Flyavsted, I've been addicted to bronzers this year too, I think my search for the perfect one is over now though!

    Vintage, I think so too :/


  6. Looks beautiful. And the packaging is so cool

  7. Flamenco looks beautiful- I am a fairbear so find it hard to get good bronzer matches. I like how it is fairly matte looking too. Have Nars Laguna on the list to try next for bronzer, failing tnat I may try this one

  8. Wow - that powder is absolutely beautiful on the skin. Nice find, Nat!


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