Friday, 8 July 2011

Becca Eye Tint Swatches: Baroque

If you've read any of my previous posts, you've probably noticed that I'm quite a big fan of Becca make-up. I've sampled quite a few different products from the range and have been desperate to try the brands Eye Tints for a while. A recent Lookfantastic sale where the entire Becca range had 25% off seemed like the perfect opportunity to grab a couple of the shades.

Becca Eye Tint

For those of you who aren't familiar with Eye Tints, they are described as ingenious eye crème's with a unique formulation that glides on as a creme and sets to a powder. They're also described as being long-lasting, water-resistant, crease-resistant and easy to apply. The product is packaged in the same mini 7ml tube as the brands Beach Tint's which I personally love. I find the tubes are practical, make dispensing the right amount of product easy and they're of course hygienic too (I'm not a big fan of pots and jars).

Becca Eye Tint: Baroque

One of the colours I picked up is Baroque which is described on the Becca site as a Mushroom Beige. I would describe it as more of a soft, golden brown which almost has a peachy hue to it in certain light. The lovely Zuzu of Everyday Beauty actually gave an excellent description of the colour a little while ago, so I knew what to expect when I ordered it. I would have preferred the Mushroom Beige that the Becca site promised, but the soft brown is still very pretty.

Becca Eye Tint: Baroque

Becca: Baroque

The actual formula is really lovely and is incredibly easy to apply. I find a very small amount (about the size of a grain of rice) is all that's needed for both eyes. The creme formula feels soft and smooth and blends effortlessly. They do seem to dry fairly quickly, but I still find I have plenty of time to play before they set. Baroque leaves lids with a subtle wash of budge proof colour which is perfect for when you want to create a quick and easy, natural look. I've found the shade makes a fantastic base for other shades too and definitely seems to improve the lasting power of my powder shadows. Lasting power is also excellent when I wear the shade alone, I've not experienced any creasing on my oily lids which I'm really impressed with.

Overall, I'm really quite pleased with my purchase. The colour is pretty (although slightly different to Becca's description), the formula is really easy to apply and seems to last well too. If you're a fan of cream eye shadows or fuss-free make up, I'd definitely recommend checking these out.


Eye Tints are available from Lookfantastic, Salon skincare,  Beauty Expert, Zuneta and the Becca site where they're priced between £18.00 & £20.00 for a 7ml tube.

Have you tried Eye Tints? What do you think of them?
 What are your favourite cream shadows?


  1. I've been interested in the Lip and Cheek tints for a while but for whatever reason never considered these. It looks lovely. Thanks!

  2. How pretty! I really want one :)

  3. thats a really pretty colour! I've been a bit worried about trying tints and cream eyeshaddows as i have pretty oily lids and i dont want to crease!! I might give this a go!
    Grace xx

  4. I also would have preferred the Mushroom Beige, as described by the Becca web site, but I agree that the softly shimmering light golden brown is both pretty and natural. I wore it to the operating room last year when I was told I could wear no makeup (hell, no!) I also wore Beach Tint in my lips, and no one knew. :)

    Do you find that you have to shake the tube really well? I discovered that if I don't give the tube (and my arm) a workout before I dispense, the innards can separate, and I get a squirt of liquid instead of cream.

    In all, a lovely product, and I wish they made more colors that suited me. I was very excited to see Pewter come out last year with the Enigma palette, but it ended up too dark for me.

  5. PerilouslyPale, Becca's Beach Tints are really lovely products, you should definitely check them out. Eye Tints are great two, they're so easy to apply and I really am surprised at how well they last!

    Vintage, they are pretty! Really looking forward to giving some of the other shades a go.

    Grace, I'm not a huge fan of cream shadows either for the same reason as you. I find most crease on my lids too, but these are really long lasting!

    Zuzu, I wore make up when I went for surgery last year too! Managed to get away with wearing a little bit of Touche Eclat, brow pencil and a tiny bit of Watermelon Beach tint on my lips :)

    I haven't actually had any problems with Baroque separating in the tube, I have found that the Beach Tints need a really good shake before using though.

    It's a shame Pewter was too dark for you, I was thinking about giving it a go, I may try Paracus instead!


  6. Yay you finally got it- am not there yet.... Great news you loved it and it doesn't crease, more argument for why I need this!

  7. Me, my best and I, I did! Glad I waited and managed to grab a couple in the sale :) They're really lovely and yes, you really do need to grab yourself one (or two) of the shades ;) x


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