Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Make Up Storage

I decided to give my makeup storage a bit of a spring clean last weekend and since I absolutely love reading storage posts and having a nose at other peoples storage solutions, I decided to take a few photos and thought I'd do a little post of my own.

Most of my makeup has lived in these two Ikea Fira Mini chests for the past few years. I think these were actually discontinued a couple of years ago, but they've been replaced with these very similar Moppe Boxes. Before I bought them, most of my makeup was scattered around in various different drawers and boxes, so I was looking for something inexpensive to organise and tidy everything up and I have to say, these have worked quite well for me.

They're not the prettiest of storage solutions and I had a few issues getting all of the pieces to fit together snugly (my DIY skills could be to blame), but a good sanding session and a couple of coats of cream paint tidied them up nicely.

The six large and three mini drawers comfortably fit all the products I use on a regular basis. In fact, I was quite surprised at how much these do hold when I emptied them to reorganise. The drawers are quite large and deep enough to fit most of the bottles, compacts and tubs I have. The only thing I haven't managed to fit in is my La Mer powder, which is housed in a ridiculously large jar.

The skincare products I'm currently using live on top of the boxes in a basket. Not the tidiest of solutions, but everything's easy to see and grab when I need it. I tend to forget about things if I hide them away in cupboards and drawers, so the basket works for me.

I used to keep all of my brushes in these square glass vases, which I also picked up from Ikea, but I found the clean ones that I don't reach for often were getting a bit dusty, so I only keep out the brushes I use regularly now. The rest are stored away in a little box.The vase is filled with rice which actually does a pretty good job at keeping them all upright.

I have a bit of a habit of collecting/keeping jars and pots because they're handy for storing random bits and bobs. An old glass candle jar makes a nice little lipstick holder.

And finally, a little photo of the nail polish shelf. I didn't take a picture of the whole thing because I repainted it last weekend and haven't had chance to rehang it yet. As with the skincare products, I tend to forget about things if I stash them away, so having a selection of shades where I can see them works well for me. The shelf doesn't hold all of my nail colours, but it holds a good 40 bottles or so.

So that's how I currently store my make up. The Fira boxes were only supposed to be a temporary solution, but they've ended up working quite well. I'd eventually like to get some sort of dressing table with drawers, but for now the boxes store everything nicely. I think I could do with grabbing a few drawer tidies/dividers for them, though.

How do you store your make up?


  1. Oh I love that, so neat and organized, I honestly didn't expect any less from you darling! You've inspired me to clean my stash as well :) x

  2. This is absolutely perfect - so clean and organised! You have put my piles of products to shame xo

  3. well done! i like how you are using rice in your brush holder - i never even thought of that! :)

  4. I love this! I use rice in my brush holders too -- it was supposed to be a temporary solution, but I actually like the way it looks now!

  5. Love the away that you organize your make-up! :)

  6. So neat and organized, Nat! I recently converted the top drawer of a dresser into a makeup storage drawer but it's a total mess, unlike yours. I think we will need to see that nail polish rack in its full glory! Looks great. :)

  7. Hi Nat, I loved seeing your organization method! It looks so clean --- and I love all the white! I use a basket for skincare too, otherwise it just won't get used :)

  8. wow, you have a lot of makeup (though it makes sense haha)
    but i wish i were as organized as you! i feel like maybe i should go find some storage racks and remodel them :)

  9. Wow so gorgeous and tidy, mine looks shameful compared to yours. I really need to have a little (big) spring clean. I really think I need to try some Chanel nail polishes the packaging is to die for :-)

  10. I love your storage system, I'm trying to get mine like this!

    Holly xx

  11. Oh my God! you have a lot of makeup products! And everything tidy.

  12. I absolutely adore your storage system. It's very clean yet classy looking even though they are chest drawers. I think the makeup and the paint color did it. :)


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