Monday, 25 April 2011

Quick Dior Loose Powder Review

If you've read any of my previous posts, you may have seen me mention Nars loose powder. I've used it to set my make up for a quite while now and I love the stuff. It finishes my foundation really well, looks natural and I've found a great colour match (two actually, eden and flesh both work for me). My current tub is running low at the moment though so I've been using another powder for the past week in place of it. I purchased Diorskin loose powder a little while ago when I ran out of Nars and decided to give something else a go just in case it worked better for me.

The powder is available in three shades, transparent light, medium and dark. I normally go for the lightest shade available in powders but after swatching what was on offer, medium seemed to be a better match for me. The product comes in a sleek looking plastic sifter tub which is fairly heavy and looks lovely but doesn't seem to work all that well and can be quite messy if you use the lid to dispense product like I do. It also comes with a puff which is nice, really soft and it washes well and lasts ages too.

Dior Loose Powder

The powder itself feels incredibly soft and silky, blends with ease when I swatch it on arm and leaves just a hint of colour. When I use it on my face the result I get it quite different though. The powder still applies as well on my face and feels light weight and soft but doesn't seem to set my foundation well. With Nars loose I get a little bit of extra coverage and my make up looks fresh and even after application. Dior loose offers no additional coverage and I feel as though it leaves my foundation looking slightly patchy and uneven. Medium looks fine when it's first applied but seems to darken quite a lot after I've been wearing it for a couple of hours and has an unattractive orange hue to it, which is not a great look.

I've not had much luck with lasting power or oil control with this stuff either. My oily skin only stays matte for a couple of hours after applying so on top of the orange tint this seems to add to my skin, I also have an incredibly shiny face. Touching up with this is a bit of a disaster too as the powder tends to cake and take off my foundation instead of saving it.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, I've only given Dior loose another chance over the past week because my Nars is on it's last legs. After trying the stuff again, I've decided that I really don't like it because it does absolutely nothing for me. The only positive thing I can say about it is, it doesn't break me out. When I pay £26.00 for a product, I expect it to do a little bit more than that though. I think those with drier skins may have more luck with this if they can find a colour match, I've personally given up on it and will be replacing my beloved Nars loose as soon as possible.

What are your favourite loose powders? Have you used Nars before but found something better? Please let me know.


  1. Such a shame it didn't work for you.

    I've got to be honest - I haven't tried any Dior foundations/powders.

    But this one sounds like it wouldn't work for me anyway (I imagine how oily my face would be if I used this :()

    Thanks for the review!


  2. i hate loose powder it is so messy (for me!)
    but i am a 5 yr old :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. "Slightly patchy and uneven"

    Major nono!

    It's so disappointing that something Dior wouldn't work out.

  4. @Miss A. I've had problems with pretty much everything I've tried from the Dior foundation/powder range. I either can't find a match or their products break me out. Shame really because some of the foundations are lovely.

    I think the powder is probably better suited to those with drier skin, doesn't seem to be a good option for us oily skinned girls :) x

  5. @ Steffy, I just about manage with loose powder, get myself in a bit of a mess with other things though! :D x

    @ Vintage. It is, I expected a little bit more from it considering the price x

  6. What a shame it did not work out for you.I am guessing you are going to buy the nars powder again:)

  7. Really interesting post thanks for sharing. Too be honest I'm not that much of a Dior makeup fan but thanks for the review!
    Thanks for following my blog too.

    Abigail x

  8. Wow! Surprising that Dior product worked so poorly. I appreciate the honest review!


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