Friday, 8 April 2011

Clarins Everlasting Swatches Update

Just a quick post with a few pictures of the Clarins Everlasting swatches I promised last week. I only had time to swatch half of the shades available last time I visited the counter so I've updated with the five darker shades from the range.

Clarins Everlasting L-R 103 Ivory, 104 Cream, 105 Nude, 107 Beige, 108 Sand, 109 Wheat, 110 Honey, 111 Toffee, 112 Amber, 113 Chestnut

As above but with flash


  1. you must have so much makeup! i m jealous

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Great swatches! :)

    It's a good idea to swatch things in store/counter & take photos so your readers can see all of the shades.

  3. Hm, I need a new foundation but really don't know which one to buy.

    I have tried so many... Clinique doesn't agree with my skin, Estee Lauder's Double Wear felt mask like, Revlon Colorstay was way too heavy (and difficult to get off), Max Factor Lasting Performance doesn't last (my skin gets oily after 2-3hrs) etc etc...

    I might give Clarins a go but don't know which foundation I should choose: this one or the mattifying one.

    Just need something that matches my NC15 skin and that's light yet mattifying.


  4. Miss A, I know what you mean, it's tough finding foundation when you have oily skin!

    I personally prefer Everlasting over Truly matte at the moment because it covers more. It's one of the few full coverage foundations I've tried that doesn't feel really heavy or mask like on my skin (like EL Double wear or colorstay) and doesn't break me out. It holds up well on my skin too!

    Truly matte has lighter coverage and I've found it does a pretty good job at keeping my oily skin matte when I set it with a loose powder.

    If you prefer lighter coverage, I'd say give Truly matte a go because Everlasting might be a little bit too heavy. Might be worth grabbing samples of both though x

  5. Thank you for your reply :)

    I'll try and get some samples (although it can be tricky sometimes - asked for a sample at Boots the other day, it was the Lancome counter, and they said they didn't have any. Ha!).

    My make up is literally melting off 2-3hrs after I apply it (and I do use powder, and primer) and a supershiny face is so not a good look.


  6. I know, I really don't understand why the counter assistants are so reluctant to give them out.

    I've actually taken a little pot along with me before and I've found that at most counters they're happy to put a little sample in there for me to try. Might be worth giving that a go if they refuse to give you a sachet or don't have any?

    Good luck :) x

  7. Thanks for the idea :)

    Will try my luck on Saturday :)


  8. hi :)
    I would love to get help
    I use shade 107 and is a bit dark for me
    What color do you think can best suit my skin, I have really Light and redness skin (reddish skin)..?

    Thank you :)

    1. Hi Anat, perhaps it would be worth giving 105 Nude a go? I'm using Nude at the moment, and it matches my NC15/20ish skin tone really well. It has quite a lot yellow in it, so I also find it covers redness well too.

  9. hi :)
    i need a little help :) i'm using everlasting 105; but it oxidizes :S 1 month ago, i tried nars sheer glow and i loved it :) i tried mont blanc (light 2) but it was too yellow for me. So , which one of nars shade's can suit me - siberia or gobi ? I'm not english ; so sorry for my english :)

    Thank you :)


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