Sunday, 3 April 2011

Avene Rich skin recovery cream review

I normally suffer with oily skin that's prone to blemishes so I tend to stick with moisturisers that are oil free and aimed at my skin type. During the colder, winter months I noticed my skin became a lot drier than is normally is and my usual moisturiser (Peter Thomas Roth oil free) wasn't hydrating my skin enough. After searching around online and on forums to find a suitable replacement I noticed one brand and product in particular had been mentioned a lot. Avene Rich skin recovery cream seemed to be highly recommended for those with skin similar to my own that's in need of some extra hydration.

My skin normally seems to break out at the mere mention of anything that's rich or a cream formula so I was hesitant as to whether this product would be suitable. After doing a little bit more research on the ingredients and opinions of acne prone users I decided to give it a try and hope for the best.

What's it for?

Rich skin recovery cream is from Avenes intolerant skin care range, a range which helps cleanse and moisturise very sensitive, redness prone and reactive skins. It's designed to calm irritation, moisturise and protect and contains only a small number of ingredients which have all been selected for their gentleness. The formula is paraban, preservative, fragrance and colouring agent free. 

Using it

The cream is white in colour and has quite a thick consistency but still has enough slip to apply/rub in with ease. It's described as fragrance free but I still notice a slight delicate scent to it which I think is the Shea. Although it's fairly easy to rub in anyway, I have found that applying on slightly damp skin helps the product to sink in a little bit faster and makes it a little bit more spreadable.  After I've finished applying I'm left with a slightly tacky feeling on my skin for a little while until it sinks right in but this actually feels quite nice and comforting and not greasy or oily in any way. When it has disappeared, I'm left with no visible residue on my face or white marks but my skin does tend to look a little bit more shiny than usual.

Avene Rich skin recovery cream

As I mentioned above I apply a generous amount under my eyes and have found the cream works really well on this area. On days when I feel my skin needs something lighter than this and I use an oil free moisturiser, I still use this as an eye cream because it's really effective. I have also found it works brilliantly as a lip balm, in fact I'd say it's one of the best lip products I've ever used and it works wonders at helping to sooth and hydrate dry or chapped lips. 


One of the main things I was worried about before I purchased and used recovery cream was whether my skin would tolerate a rich cream and if the formula would cause more issues with blemishes. I am pleased to say that since I started using I've had no extra problems with blemishes or blocked pores which really has surprised me. The product has really helped to combat the dryness and irritation I was experiencing and my face looks and feels a lot better because of this. I've noticed any redness in my skin is reduced after using too and my skin also looks plumper and generally healthier which I suppose is mainly due to the fact that it's adequately hydrated. 


I am really pleased with the way recovery cream has dealt with the problem I was experiencing without causing additional problems and I'm also pleased with the added bonus of reduced redness and the fact that it also works as an eye cream and lip balm. I think the cream would be far too hydrating and rich to use on my skin in the summer months but I think I'll be keeping a tube handy for eyes and lips and will come back to this during the winter.

Does anyone have any favourites from Avene?


  1. Very nice review. I have very sensitive skin and an oily forehead and nose so I'm thinking of trying this :)

  2. I haven't tried this, but my favorite moisturizer is from LaROCCA. :) It seems to be very multi-purpose which is always nice!

  3. I've heard alot of great things about this but never heard it was such a great multi tasker.


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