Thursday, 25 April 2013

Alpha H Micro Cleanse

When it comes to exfoliating, I've sat happily in the chemical exfoliating camp for quite some time. I first discovered the wonders of glycolic acid around 6 years ago when I added Peter Thomas Roth's Acne Clearing gel to my routine and for quite some time after, I paid hardly any attention at all to manual exfoliators/scrubs. That was until I purchased a sampler kit from Alpha H about a year ago, which happened to contain a generous trial sized tube of their Micro Cleanse, and since giving the stuff a go, I've been completely hooked. 

Micro Cleanse is a granulated exfoliant, which is formulated with micro beads and 12% glycolic acid to remove impurities from pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. It also contains cucumber and refreshing mint, which according to Alpha H banish signs of stress and fatigue. Micro Cleanse has been part of my routine for around a year now, and while I'm not sure about the stress and fatigue banishing claims, I can say that this stuff works wonders in the exfoliating department. 

I've been using the scrub which has quite a thick, creamy consistency 2-3 times a week on thoroughly cleansed/clean skin. Alpha H recommend using two to three times a week on normal, combination and oily skin types (mine's combination), and once a week on more sensitive skins. They also recommend mixing with your cleanser if you have a more delicate skin type. You are warned on the back of the tube that a mild tingling sensation may be experienced when using Micro Cleanse, and I have to say, I do get a slight tingle when I use it. It is mild though, and it actually feels quite nice, not uncomfortable or unpleasant. 

The minty scented scrub feels quite cooling and the micro beads, which aren't overly gritty do a fantastic job at removing dead skin cells and smoothing any dry areas that I happen to have going on. After I've finished gently scrubbing, I let the exfoliant sit for a few minutes while the glycolic acid works it's magic and gently remove with a warm, damp muslin cloth. After rinsing off, my skin feels incredibly smooth and clean and whatever serum or moisturiser I decide to stick on after sinks in beautifully. The combination of the micro beads and glycolic acid really do work together amazingly well, and since adding Micro Cleanse to my routine, I've definitely seen an improvement in blocked pores and texture. 

Overall, it's an excellent product that does exactly what it promises without being harsh or drying. I love the instant results I get after a gentle scrubbing session with it and it's a product that I really do look forward to/enjoy using. I'm currently making my way through a mini 30ml tube that I picked up recently with another Alpha H set. When I've finished my current tube though, I will definitely be investing in a full size tube, which costs around £24.00. Not bad really considering you get 100mls of product and a little bit of scrub goes a long way.


  1. I've been dying to try the Alpha-H line! I love mildly exfoliating cleansers that make your skin want to go "aaahhhh" after you remove it!

    1. This definitely does that! It feels lovely and refreshing and leaves skin feeling and looking really smooth. I've really liked everything I've tried from the Alpha-H range, but I think this is probably my favourite product out of the lot. Love the instant results.

  2. Wow, an exfoliator packed with a peel. I've been using glycolic acid peels for some years now, but recently switched to salicylic acid peels as they seem to be able to control my acne better. I also use a regular apricot scrub every other day to help remove comedones. Micro cleanse seems really promising and I'm quite inclined to give it a try

    1. I haven't used salicylic acid for a while, but found using a mix of glycolic and salicylic acid really did help a lot with controlling acne and preventing/fading scarring. I really liked the Peter Thomas Roth Acne Clearing Gel I was using, which contains both. Micro Cleanse is a great product, though. The peel works brilliantly and the exfoliating granules do a fantastic job at loosening blocked pores without being scratchy/harsh.


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