Saturday, 6 April 2013

Burberry Lip Glow: No19 Mallow Pink

Lip gloss is something I've not really paid much attention to for a little while. I've never been a huge gloss fan, as I'm not overly keen on the tacky/sticky texture and feel most of them leave on lips, but I do have a few favourites from various different brands. Over the past few months I've been favouring sheer lipsticks (Coco Shines & Chante's Lip Chics have both been favourites) that add a hint of colour and hydration to my dry, winter lips, but when I stumbled upon pretty swatches of Burberry's Spring Lip Glows, I completely fell in love with Mallow Pink and decided to order a tube. 

Burberry Lip glow No19 Mallow Pink

Burberry No19 Mallow Pink

A few Burberry goodies have been sitting on the wishlist for a while, but Mallow is the first thing I've ordered from the brand's cosmetic range and I have to say, I absolutely love the packaging. The sleek, weighty tube and checked lid are a real thing of beauty, as is the shade, which I'd describe as a vibrant, almost florescent red pink. Mallow's actually a bit more pigmented than I was expecting, but it can be applied sheerly/with a light hand for a more natural, less dramatic hint of colour. The shade does contain some very fine gold shimmers but they're barely noticeable on lips and create more of a glow than a frosty or shimmery finish. 

Burberry Mallow Pink

Texture wise, I find Mallow to be quite thick and almost gel-like, but it's definitely not overly sticky or gloopy. The doe foot wand does a pretty good job at picking up an adequate amount of product and applying colour evenly and the gloss feels quite creamy, smooth and really comfortable. Actually, I'd say Burberry's Lip Glows are among the most comfortable glosses I've tried and lasting power isn't bad either. Mallow seems to hold up for a good 2-3 hours on my lips and leaves behind a pretty, subtle stain as it fades. According to Burberry, the Lip Glow formula contains oils and ceramides that are supposed to hydrate and plump lips and I must say, I do find the formula leaves my lips feeling quite soft and lightly moisturised. 

Burberry No19 Mallow Pink

Above: Mallow swatched on my NC15 ish arm. A couple of layers applied on the left and the colour sheered out on the right. And below, a photo of what Mallow looks like on my fairly pigmented lips. You can just about make out the fine, gold shimmer.

Mallow Pink Applied

Overall, I'm really impressed with the Lip Glow formula. The gel-like texture, comfortable feel and pretty, incredibly shiny finish are lovely. I'm also completely in love with Mallow, which seems like a perfect Summer shade, and one I imagine I'll be reaching for a lot as the weather warms up. If you're into bright lip colours and like your glosses more pigmented, I think Mallow is definitely worth checking out. 

Available from John Lewis (£18.50 for a 6ml tube)


  1. This is a gorgeous colour ! I love it.

  2. This is so pretty on you, Nat! It's perfect for spring and summer, I think. It just looks so juicy.

  3. Hi Nat, Mallow Pink is such a pretty color --- it does seem like a great shade for the coming months!

  4. I adore this sort of see-through pink-red lip -- I remember a few years ago I was trying to recreate this to no end! I could never get the combination of sheer gloss and red/pink tint right, so I'm glad I have a pre-mixed option now!

  5. Mallow Pink was my fave of the latest Burberry release as well! I'm so glad that it's permanent and that you got one. :)

  6. i love this on you. Wish i got this one when i bought pink sweet pea! :)


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