Thursday, 1 September 2011

A Few Daily Make up Essentials

Today's post is inspired by yesterday's monthly favourites post. After taking photos of the products I've been reaching for a lot throughout August, I had a little rummage through my make up bag and picked out some of the items I use everyday. Eye shadow, blush and lip colours tend to change on a daily basis, but there are a few different products that always stay the same, and I thought I'd do a quick post on them.

NARS Loose Powder: Eden

NARS Loose Powder -  I have oily skin, so I always use a powder to set my foundation. I've tried quite a lot of different loose powders from different brands, but I always come back to NARS because it's the best I've tried. It's finely milled, buffs beautifully into skin without looking powdery or chalky and it really does help to keep shine at bay. The colour range on offer is also fantastic and the 35g tub lasts forever. It'll probably start breaking me out after I say this, or it'll be discontinued, but it's my holy grail setting powder. (Around £26.00 a tub)

Becca Pressed Bronzing Powder: Flamenco

Becca Pressed Bronzing Powder: Flamenco - I wont go on about this because I've already mentioned it on a number of occasions. I picked mine up in a Salonskincare Summer sale and I've used it almost everyday since. The shade works really well on my NC15/20 ish skin and does a brilliant job at adding a hint of believable, non orange colour. More accurate photos & swatches here. (Around £30.00 for a 10g compact)

Clarins Everlasting Foundation

Clarins Everlasting Foundation -  I've rambled on about this quite a lot already too, so I'll keep this short. Everlasting is one of the best full coverage foundations I've tried because unlike others, it feels nice and light weight when I'm wearing it. It holds up well on my oily skin and hasn't caused any problems with break outs either, which is a bonus. I've also been using a foundation from Myface (mymix) over the last couple of weeks, and that's also nice stuff, but it doesn't beat Everlasting in the coverage department and coverage is something I need at the moment. (£24.00 for a 30ml bottle)

Becca Eye Tint: Vicuna

Becca Eye Tint Vicuna - I use this as a base for all of my shadows because I find it really helps them to stay put. It's a peachy, gold cream shadow which doesn't really add much colour, but it helps to brighten my eye area, evens out lids and stops anything I add over the top from creasing. I was slightly underwhelmed with it when I first tried it, but it's now one of my favourite products and something I reach for everyday. (£19.00 for a 7ml tube)

Chanel Brow Palette

Chanel Le Sourcil De Chanel Brow Palette - I purchased this a couple of years ago and I've almost completely used up the shades. The palette contains three really natural shades of powder which can be used individually or mixed together to create a perfect colour match. I've tried a lot of similar palettes, but Chanel's beats them all because the texture of the powders is great. Others I've used have been too soft and have ended up looking too harsh and heavy, Chanel's shades are easy to apply and give a really subtle, natural looking finish to brows. I haven't opened the palette in the photo because there's barely any product left in the pans, there are some excellent photos and swatches over at Makeup merriment though. (£41.00)

Shu Uemera Brown Pencil: Seal brown

Shu Uemura Brow Pencil: Seal brown - I use this to fill in my brows, then to soften, I use the Chanel brow powder which I mentioned above. It's the most natural looking brow pencil I've tried colour wise, and the texture is great. It's not particularly soft and it's not creamy either, so the lines it draws are incredibly natural and subtle. I've had the one in the photo above for ages now and it's looking a bit old and worn, it still works perfectly though. (Around £17.00)

I suppose none of the products on the list are particularly exciting, but they're all items I use every day and I couldn't really do without any of them, especially the base and brow products.  

I'm really interested to know what your everyday essentials are. Is there anything in your make up bag that you really can't do without?


  1. Oh that Becca Tint looks and sounds divine! I must try some of their products sice I'm seeing so much of Becca on your blog! They must be fabulous so!xxx

  2. Hmmm...I need facial sunscreen every day! As for makeup, I switch things out a lot, but lately some staples have been Estee Lauder's Stay-in-Place powder foundation, Benefit Magic Ink liquid liner, Dior's Aurora.

  3. I can't live without a good foundation! My current favourites are Clinique redness solutions and Collection 2000 Ultimate fix 3 in 1! Great list

  4. Eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick are always always essential.

  5. The becca brozer looks so lovely, really natural with no orange. My absolute daily essential is Benefit Hoola which I use to contour every single day, can't live without it.


  6. Love this post idea, was really fun to read! Might do one myself now...

  7. I've been thinking of trying the NArS powder! I need to find one I'm not sensitive to

  8. What a wonderful list of staples! I need to try one of those Becca Tints someday =) Thank you for the link - very kind of you, lovely xx

  9. great post, those are some great necessities. im pretty sure i would colapse into a heap wihout my burts bees lip balm, its a must have!
    Grace xx

  10. I used to be so curious about the NARS loose powder but I'm happy with the Laura Mercier. I'll try the NARS later at some point, probably. Great post! Wish I could get Becca products more easily here.

  11. I am thinking of buying the Nars powder, but I am not sure.
    I always carry a lip sunblock too. :)
    Rougeberry Fashion


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