Saturday, 3 September 2011

Chanel Nail Colour: 18 Rouge Noir

Chanel Rouge Noir 18

Taking another break from summer brights today and decided to paint my nails in one of my favourite classic, vampy shades, Rouge Noir.

Chanel Rouge Noir

Rouge Noir is a gorgeous dark red/chocolate shade in the bottle. The colour you get on nails depends on how many coats are applied. The shade looks like a glossy burgundy with the first coat, but becomes more of a deep, blackened red with a second or third. I really do like how the shade looks with just the one coat, but rarely wear it without adding at least a second because I find the finish to be a bit uneven and sheer. A second coat evens out the colour nicely, and a third turns it into a completely opaque, almost black (depending on lighting) colour.

As with most other Chanel nail colours I've tried, Rouge Noir applies really well. The colour does initially apply slightly unevenly, but becomes smooth and opaque with a second coat. The finish is glossy and lasting power is average. The photo below shows how the shade looks with three, thin coats. I had planned to apply just the two, but messed up horribly and needed a third.

Chanel Rouge Noir (3 coats)

And a quick photo to show how the colour looks with two coats.

Rouge Noir (2 coats)

Are you a fan of dark, vampy shades? Do you have any favourites?


  1. I think the color is very raspberry rouge ! it !

  2. Thanks for showing an old favorite. RN looks perfect on you.Y

    es, I love vampy shades, and Rouge Noir is one of them, though I gave up trying to make the lipstick work.

    My other dark Chanel favs are Fantastic 481, Rouge Envoutante 55, Tulipe Noire 457, Madness 333, Dragon 475, and Rouge Fatal 487. I'd add Paradoxal 509 and Particuliere 505 as being other beloved dark shades, but I wouldn't exactly call them vampy; still they are great for fall. I LOVE Chanel nail polish!

  3. I love this polish - it's one of my all time favourites :) xx

  4. I don't own this, but it's one of my favorite chanel shades.

  5. I've wanted Rouge Noir forever. Not sure what's holding me back, but I won't the next time I visit a Chanel counter. It looks lovely!

  6. Rouge Noir is my favourite all time polish- I loved it so much, was a bugger to get off though- stained nails something terrible Im sure its changed since then. I remember it to be darker though, i suppose we have just acclimitised to dark polishes since it was released. Classic!!

  7. Zuzu - I doubt the lipstick would work for me either, I rarely wear dark lip colours. I have quite a lot of Chanel brights in my collection, but very few darker shades, so I could do with checking some more of them out.

    Stacey - It is a lovely colour! Definitely one of my favourite Chanel shades.

    Dovey - It's one of mine too!

    Liz - you should definitely grab yourself a bottle, I bet it would lovely on you!

    Me, my best and I - It is still a bit of a bugger to get off, but I don't really notice much staining if I use a base coat with it, and it is a classic shade!

    Thanks for your comments everyone x

  8. I loveee thus shade! It is a cult classic and will never go out of style in my opinion :)


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