Friday, 9 September 2011

Clinique Limited Edition High Impact Mascara

I was recently sent a few products to try from the Clinique Black Honey fall collection, and among them was the brands new, limited edition High Impact Mascara.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

Now, I've not tried the original High Impact mascara, but as far as I can tell from the Clinique site, the new version is the same as the original but is packaged in a silver tube instead of the usual black. 

Here's what Clinique say about High Impact:
 Packaged in sleek Limited Edition silver packaging, this instant gratification mascara delivers intense, glamorous, dressed-up lashes in a flash.  Women crave long, thick, lashes and that's exactly what Clinique's multi-benefit High Impact Mascara delivers - dramatic volume and length, fast!

Clinique High Impact

If you've read any of my other mascara related posts, you may have noticed me mention that I'm quite picky about them. I tend to go for mascaras which add volume, but still look and feel quite natural. I'm not really a fan of over the top, dramatic lashes (on me) and I don't like 'wet' formulas, which I find to be quite messy and difficult to apply. The brush is important for me too. A few that I've tried recently have had quite large brushes, which I find also makes application on my small ish eyes a little bit tricky.

Clinique's High Impact brush is small enough for me to to able to apply product evenly and allows me to get into the tricky areas without making a mess. It's a soft, fairly dense, bristle type brush which pulls through lashes easily and coats and defines well.

Clinique High Impact Brush

The actual formula also applies well. It separates nicely, adds a decent amount of length and thickens without looking clumpy. I've attempted a couple of before and afters below to show you the results. The photos show what lashes look like after using one coat of High Impact, I've found the mascara builds well too though, if you're going for a more dramatic result.

Top: Without Mascara & Bottom with High Impact
High Impact adds quite a lot of length to my short lashes, but it also adds a nice amount of volume and darkens well too. One of the things I really do like about the formula, is that it doesn't leave my lashes feeling stiff or heavy. They're still soft and feel nice and light and natural. I've found the formula also wears excellently. I've had no problems at all with smearing, smudging or flaking and it actually holds a curl nicely as well.

As Above

Overall, I'm really quite impressed with High Impact. It's easy to apply, does what it promises to do, holds up well, and is fairly easy to remove. I'm pleased with the thickening and lengthening results I get from it and I really like the soft, perfectly sized brush, which allows me to apply product precisely and without making a mess. 

The Limited Edition High Impact Mascara is available now and costs £15.00 for a 7ml tube. 

PR Sample

Have you tried Clinique's High Impact? What do you think of it?


  1. This is one of my favourite mascaras, I've been using it for a few months now and it's not let me down!

  2. I really liked the High Impact, before I had to stop using products with parabens (allergy :P). I found that I liked most of Clinique's mascaras, actually :D

  3. High Impact has been my favorite for years now! I don't use it all the time, as I like experimenting, but I keep going back to it.

  4. Wow, that is definitely high impact. I had no idea! I think I have only ever tried Clinique's original mascara (the glossy one?) and wasn't overly impressed, but I read on the non-blonde's blog recently (not a recent post) that she loves this mascara, too. Serendipity.

  5. Wow, looks great. I love The Body Shop Mascara too.
    Rougeberry Fashion

  6. I've tried it and thought it was pretty good, too. I prefer Lash Power because it's completely budge-proof but High Impact definitely has more "impact" for sure!

  7. Evelyn - It really is lovely stuff! It's the first Clinique mascara I've tried in a little while and I'm really impressed with it.

    Larie - It's a shame you had to stop using it. I don't have an allergy, but I've had to give up quite a few different products (mainly foundations) that I've enjoyed using because my skin's really fussy. I'll have to check out some of the other mascaras on offer in the Clinique range, like the sound of few of them!

    Y - It is really nice stuff!

    Zuzu - As I said, I hadn't used any of Clinique's mascaras for a while either. I tried one years ago and did get on well with it, but I was experimenting with various different brands and forgot all about it. It seems like a lot of people get on well with this one, though.

    Minza - Oooh, I haven't tried any Body Shop make up for a little while, will have to check out some of their products again!

    Liz - It does thicken and lengthen really well!

    Vintage - Thanks! It does do a lot for my stubby lashes :D

  8. What eyeshadow are you wearing? It's gorgeous.


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