Thursday, 8 September 2011

Quick Review: Guerlain Cupidon Lip Pencil

I used Guerlain's Cupidon pencil for the first time in a little while this morning and thought I'd do a quick post on it. I actually ordered the pearly, pink pencil by mistake around a year ago, thinking it was a regular lip pencil. Why I was even looking for a such a pale lip liner, I have no idea, but what I actually ended up with is a highlighting pencil designed to be used on the cupids bow.

Guerlain Cupidon Lip pencil

Cupidon is supposed to be applied to the skin just above the upper lip and the idea is that it gives the illusion of fuller looking lips. I can't say I notice a huge difference in fullness when I apply it, but the pinky, beige pencil definitely helps to enhance and gives an overall pretty effect. It leaves a very delicate sheen after it's been blended and creates a slight highlight which enhances and defines the shape of lips.

Guerlain Cupidon 00

I've seen Cupidon described as a creamy beige shade, but I'd describe it as a pale, almost frosty, pinky-beige. I've applied quite a lot of the colour to my arm in the swatch - it actually looks a lot more subtle when it's been applied with a light hand. The pencil itself is really excellent quality, it's creamy, draws well and doesn't budge after it's been applied.

Geurlain Cupidon Swatches

All in all, Cupidon is a great little product which does do what it promises, it's just something I don't find myself reaching for often. I'd describe it as more of a pretty, finishing touch product, than an essential one, and for that reason, I probably wouldn't re-purchase. I've found a tiny bit of NARS Copacabana applied just above the lip creates a similar result and I'm sure the same effect could be achieved with other highlighters too. 

Have you tried Cupidon or a similar lip highlighting product?


  1. I had NO IDEA such a beauty product even existed. You only put it on the bow of your lips?? Whoa.

  2. It does look pretty, but I can see why you wouldn't reach for it often. It doesn't seem like a HG product. :)

  3. I never use such products, either. Smashbox had one that was a double-ended one for the cupid's bow and the inner corners of the eye. I've forgotten that I had it until this post reminded me. I think it might do a lot for those with well-defined features but my lip area isn't all that defined and don't need the extra attention, lol.

  4. Fantastic! I've used Becca SSP or Benefit Moonbeam on my upper lip or even Chantecaille eyeshadow in Perle. Who knew they made a pencil specifically for highlighting that area. Thanks!

  5. Kristen - Yep, it's just for highlighting the little M on your top lip!

    Vintage - It is pretty but as I said, you can create a similar effect with other highlighters. I must say though, none of the products I've used in place of Cupidon have lasted as well.

    Liz - Oh really? I didn't know Benefit made a similar product. I've actually used Cupidon on the inner corners of eyes before and it did work really well. I'm not sure if it's actually safe to use around the eye area, but it didn't seem to cause any problems.

    I know what you mean with not needing the extra attention. My lips aren't particularly full, but I have to say, this does help a tiny bit in the volume department and the delicate highlight it creates is pretty!

    Zuzu - I've used Benefit's Highbeam in the same area before and that seemed to work quite well too. I'm sure you could create a similar finish with lots of different highlighters really. I imagine the Becca SSP looks pretty and I really need to get my hands on Chantecaille Perle. it looks like a fantastic shade!

  6. have to say i've been using this on and off for a few years (mine is a more golden shade) and absolutely agree with your review - gives a pretty effect but nothing that other highlighters can't achieve. overall i think it's a bit gimmicky.
    amina x

  7. be nice on the inside of eyes too I imagine, nice to have a highlighted with a really fine nib!


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