Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ojon Rub out review

I actually got suckered in to buying Rub out after being amazed by a demonstration on QVC where a hair stylist poured oil into a models's hair and appeared to completely clean up the mess with just a few sprays of the brands dry cleanser. I like my hair to be clean and fresh but find the condition of it is terrible if I wash it daily so try to stick to every other day. I am constantly on the look out for products to freshen up my hair on the days I don't shampoo it and also products to give a bit of volume and lift since my hair is quite fine. 

What is it and What's it for?

Rub out is a spray in dry cleanser or waterless shampoo that's designed to be used in hair and on scalp between shampoos or when you've overdone it with styling product. It contains a mix of Amazonian white clay, silk powder and rice and potato starches to revive, refresh and recharge hair without the need for washing. According to Ojon the formula erases impurities, oil and product whilst increasing hair volume at the roots and leaves hair looking and feeling cleansed, light and healthy. 

What's it smell like?

Hmm, a little bit odd really. I would describe it as being quite fresh and a little bit sweet but also very powdery and a little bit old fashioned, not really what I was expecting and not a scent that I'm particularly fond of.

Does it work?

The first thing I noticed after using was an increase in volume. I have experienced similar results with other dry shampoos that I've tried before but also got a slightly sticky feel which was not the case with Ojon. My hair did feel less greasy at the roots and felt lighter overall and I found it easy to style although I generally don't have problems with this anyway. There was no visible residue left on either roots or lengths but the lengths of my hair did feel quite powdery which is something I've found happens with most products of this type. 

Overall I was quite pleased with the volume I got from rub out and it did a reasonably good job at freshening up my hair but I was disappointed with the fact that results are not particularly long lasting and of course, the smell. 

So would I recommend/buy again?

Yes and no. The product does work quite well but the short lived results mean I need to use quite a lot of the spray on my long hair and rub out is pretty pricey stuff. I've already used quite a bit of my can and I'm still debating on whether to replace the current spray or try something else. The product certainly does work well when it comes to volume and although the results it gives are nowhere near as good as actually washing your hair, it does allow you to comfortably go that extra day without washing. 

Do you use dry shampoo? What's your favourite?


  1. I've only tried the Batiste Dry Shampoo, it was good, but it can leave a powdery feel as well!

  2. well if it has amazonian white clay.. i have to try it!! :)

    <3 steffy

  3. Baptiste does leave a slightly powdery feel. It does a pretty good job considering the price though!


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