Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dior Mystic Jade Swatches

Some more Dior swatches for you. Today, Mystic Jade. Another palette that I've not actually used much at all and another slightly weird combination of colours that I seem to have trouble using. The safe taupe/grey shade I tend to use quite a lot and I occasionally find myself using the shimmery peach but the other shades don't get a lot of love. 

Dior Mystic Jade Swatch without flash

Dior Mystic Jade swatch with flash

I attempted to photograph what some of the shades form the palette look like on but I had issues getting some of the colours to show clearly.

Does anyone else own Mystic Jade? Anyone have any suggestions on where to place the colours?


  1. I don't own this, but I think the lightest green & brown would go together! :)

  2. The dark green on this palette is so amazing! I think you should just have fun and experiment with colour-placing. Such pretty colours should be played with ;)

  3. you give really awesome reviews! keep it up, i'm going to follow you!


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