Friday, 25 March 2011

Brow pencil swatch comparisons

 There seems to be a lot of different products out there to make keeping your eye brows in check an easier task. I've tried all of them in some shape or form and the two I tend to use the most is powder and pencil. I find wax products messy and hard to apply and mascara type products aren't precise enough, don't give me enough control and seem to work better on thicker or fuller brows. Pencils allow me to fill in any sparse areas of my brows with ease and I find powder products give a softer look so I generally use a combination of both to define and shape. 

Finding a powder in a suitable shade wasn't a particularly hard task as I've found eye shadow (particularly MAC) works equally as well as products made especially for eye brows but finding a pencil to match my brows was slightly harder. I've found that most pencils seem to be red based which is a problem for me because I have no red in either my hair or eye brows and these types tend to look very unnatural and slightly gingery. I'm currently using Shu's hard formula pencil in seal brown which I love. It's a perfect match colour wise and the finish is really natural. I thought I'd post a couple of swatches along with some of the others I've bought and have lying around for comparison though.

L to R YSL brow pencil no 2, Dior powder formula in Chestnut, Dior powder formula in Sand, Urban Decay brow beater in Brunette Bombshell, Shu Uemura hard formula Seal Brown

Yves Saint Laurent's pencil was a bad choice and turned out to be much too dark for me, I'm not keen on the formula either though. I find the texture to be too soft and creamy and the lines it draws tend to be quite opaque and harsh.

Dior's powder formula brow pencils are nice and draw soft lines that look natural and are easy to blend. Chestnut is again too dark for me and has a slight purple hue to it but sand works well even on my fairly darker brows. 

Urban decay's brow beater is quite hard and draws quite sharp, accurate lines so I find I need to blend well with this one. The colour isn't bad but has a little bit too much red in it for my liking. 

Shu's hard formula was hard to swatch as it only draws on colour when the pencil mixes with the natural oils you have on brow hairs. Like Dior's powder formula, it draws soft lines but without the powdery feel/finish. Shu's hard formula is definitely the best match for me and is also the most natural looking and longest lasting.

What's your favourite brow pencil?


  1. i have brown pencil and it never comes out right :( it is so compacted!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. I have never tried pencils - i always stick to eyebrow shadows - however i wouldn't mind venturing into one to see if I like it so thanks for the review - the CD one sounds really good x

  3. I've never tried a brow pencil, only powders! :)

  4. Joanna, the Dior ones are really nice and probably a good place to start if you normally use powder as the texture and finish is really similar only in pencil form x


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