Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dr Sebagh Deep exfoliating mask review

Dr Sebagh deep exfoliating mask is by far the most expensive skincare product I have ever purchased. I noticed the pot of orange goo in a Space NK Christmas book a couple of years ago and was having major skin problems at the time (acne and scarring), so I actually bought it out of desperation if I'm honest. 

What is Deep exfoliating mask?

It's a mask aimed at exfoliating the dead layers of skin for faster cell turnover and reducing pigmentation, acne scars and melasma, and at the same time reducing sensitivity and redness. It's designed to clean and exfoliate pores, to moisturise skin and contains anti bacterial ingredients. The key ingredients are Lactic acid, Azelaic Acid and Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3.

How to use

The mask is supposed to be used once or twice a week on clean, dry skin and the instructions advise to leave it on for 5-10 minutes depending on how sensitive your skin is. First time users are instructed to leave the mask on for just three minutes the first time they use to avoid irritation. The product feels quite comfortable for the first five minutes or so but starts to tingle and sting a little bit towards the end of the ten minutes which is a little bit uncomfortable sometimes, but definitely bearable. When the ten minutes is up you're supposed to wash off the product with clean, tepid water. 

Dr Sebagh Mask

I noticed an immediate difference in my skins texture and pores felt cleaner after the first use. After using the product on a weekly basis over a period of a couple of months I really started seeing a difference in marks and scarring form previous break outs, and I also noticed a big improvement in the amount of blemishes I was getting. I also found the mask did an excellent job at drying existing spots and prevented those pesky purple marks or scars appearing after the blemish had healed.

After continued use my skin generally looked a lot more even and refined than it did before I added the mask to my routine and I felt pores looked less noticeable too. Overall I am really pleased with what the Dr Sebagh product has done for my skin and I'm impressed with the positive affects it has had on pigmentation, texture and redness. 

So is it really worth the huge £50.00 price tag?

I really do want to say no because the stuff is so pricey, but I feel it works wonders and would recommend the mask to anyone who has scarring, pigmentation, blocked pores or dull skin. The product definitely does what it promises and it's the only face mask I've purchased that has made a real difference to my skin. I know the initial cost of the product is really quite high but I estimate I get around 35-40 uses from a 50ml jar so cost per use is actually quite low. 

Overall a fantastic mask. If you're looking for a product that gives serious results then I highly recommend you give Dr Sebagh a go.


  1. I bought this product a while back and agree that it does work really well. It is expensive but worth it - although I have to say I have been seeking cheaper alternatives since! x

  2. Have you found anything that compares? x

  3. i have been wanting to exfoliate lately!

    <3 steffy

  4. I've never heard of this before, it looks really good though! x

  5. I've been looking for a good exfoliator!


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