Tuesday 30 April 2013

NOTD Butter London Teddy Girl & An Attempt At Some Nail Art

A quick post on one of the shades I mentioned in a recent pink polish post, Butter London's Teddy Girl. I've been really into pink nail colours lately and Teddy Girl, which is a milky, opaque pink has been one of my favourites. 

It's not the easiest of shades to apply and I find it takes three coats of colour to get an even finish. I think it's worth it though, as it's a pretty shade.  

I actually painted my nails with Teddy Girl on Saturday and came across a watercolour nail art post on Makeup Savvy on Sunday, which I decided to try. I'm normally quite rubbish at any sort of nail art, but the tutorial and instructions looked easy enough, so I got out a few more Butter London shades and gave it a go. 

The whole sandwich bag/smooshing process was easy enough, but the end result wasn't quite as pretty as results posted in the tutorial.....

I'm not really sure where I went wrong, but the effect doesn't look half as good the result in the tutorial (it does look a bit better from a distance). Maybe I need to use less polish next time, or practice my smooshing technique? Anyway, although my attempt didn't look quite pretty as I was hoping, I have to say, I'm quite liking the whole watercolour effect, and will definitely be giving it another go/practicing with some different colour combinations.

Also, I just wanted to say that the Clarins Lipstick giveaway is now closed. The winner will chosen using random.org tomorrow, and the original post will be updated with the winners name. Thanks to everyone who entered!


  1. Very pretty, love the colour combinations, especially the mint green, I might have to pick that one up :)

  2. I could never get any of those fancy nail art techniques to work T_T I hardly ever try! I did a fishtail one once, and that turned out to be pretty simple.

  3. Oh that Teddy Girl shade looks delicious! I'm not great at nail art either, but in all fairness I just love the classic all one colour manis :) xx

  4. What a beautiful pink! Very pale and soft, it's girly but sophisticated. And although the nail art attempt didn't turn out 100% the way you'd hoped, I still think it looks quite cool and unique!

  5. Teddy Girl Looks so amazing :)! Sometimes simple neutral colours are all you want & this looks so nice for that kind of look ..

    Amazing Blog - New Follower .. Cannot wait to come back & read more

    Love Em, from www.dollhousebeautyblog.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Awww...the teddy girl nail color is so cute! Love the pink shade of it for I find it light and natural. This is def perfect for everyday wear.

  7. Same here, I'm looking for a shade that's great for everyday wear and Teddy Girl definitely fits the bill! Clean yet sophisticated pink. so glad that you shared this!

  8. Beautiful beautiful shade!! ♥

  9. Ooh! I love the marble design you got going on in the last photo. I might just do that but I'd have to find different colors of polishes because I'm not really fan of pink.

  10. That Fiver shade looks so cute! I love it!

  11. I love that pale pink colour!


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