Wednesday 1 June 2011

Becca Flowerchild Mineral Blush Swatches

Flowerchild is one of two new blush shades which were released recently as part of the Becca Halcyon Days collection. They're described as luxury mineral cheek powders which are designed to impart a natural, luminous color.

Becca Mineral Blush

Becca Mineral Blush: Flowerchild

Flowerchild is described as a peachy pink with golden highlights on the Becca site.

Heavy swatch on the left & lighter swatch right

The formula is lovely. It's silky smooth, soft and pigmented and applies beautifully. I've found I only need to touch the pan with my brush to pick up an adequate amount of product. 

The powder blends well and leaves cheeks with a delicate hint of pinky coral colour. I'm normally not a fan of shimmery blush but the subtle golden shimmer in Flowerchild is barely visible on cheeks and leaves a kind of glowy finish instead of a being sparkly. The formula is described as long wearing and I have found that it holds up well on my oily skin.

(I attempted a photo to show what it looks like on but my camera didn't seem to pick up the colour well)

Flowerchild is the first powder blush I've tried from Becca and I'm impressed with the formula, lasting power and pretty shade. I imagine I'll be reaching for the pinky coral colour a lot during the summer months. It looks lovely paired with Becca's bronzing powder and also works well when I layer it with Guava Beach tint.

Flowerchild is available from Zuneta where it's priced at £25.00


  1. That looks so lovely on you, and the colour is so soft and pretty. I haven't really tried many Becca things, but they're definitely on my wishlist.

    PS: I've had to comment as Anonymous as due to Blogger issues I can't sign in properly to comment, keeps taking me around in circles not letting me sign in.

    Lilit - Makeup and Macaroons

  2. Ooooooh looks soooooo pretty :) x x

  3. I see the color, and you could not have chosen a more perfect match. Wow! Talk about luminous. You look gorgeous.

  4. You are absolutely gorgeous. I just thought I'd say that because I am totally envious of your perfect skin and immaculate bone structure.....

    Anyway, I digress. I love the color of this blush. It is the first time I've seen swatches of it but I am quite smitten.

    I love the blog, hon'. Keep it coming!

  5. Wow, it looks super pretty on you! You are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Btw, what lip colour are you wearing in the photo? It looks great.

  7. GORGEOUS!!! You're so pretty!

    Love the description of the blush as being glowy not sparkely. That is exactly what I look for in a blush. Thanks!

  8. I don't have any of their powder blushes but after seeing this one, I think I need it. You look beautiful!

  9. Looks gorgeous on you! Perfect for everyday, I really like it :)

  10. Very pretty! I do imagine you will get a lot of use out of this during the summer months. It looks terrific on you!

  11. I love this color! If you had to pick one, would you go for the powder blush or the beach tint?

  12. Lilit, It is a really pretty colour. I was a little bit worried when it turned up as it looked more shimmery than I expected but it's gorgeous! Hope you managed to sort out the blogger issues!

    Zuzu, Glad you can see it! My camera is ancient (I really need to replace it) and I often have problems getting colours to show up properly when I attempt face pictures :)

    JC, Thank you for the lovely comments :), my skin is far from perfect though! I'm wearing Clarins Everlasting in the photo and it covers a lot ;) Flowerchild is really pretty.

    Penelope, Thanks for the comment! :) I'm wearing Damask lip liner from Laura Mercier and Guava Beach Tint.

    PerilouslyPale, Glowy is what I go for too, really not a fan of sparkly or shimmery cheek colours. Thanks for the kind comments :)

    Ammie, This is the first powder blush I've tried from Becca and I'm in love with the colour and the formula! I'm actually really tempted to get Damselfly too

    Hopelessly Devoted, I think I will be reaching for it a lot during the summer, it really does work well when I pair it with the Becca bronzer I purchased recently!

    Productdoctor, They're both gorgeous products but I think I'd go with Guava. It's such a pretty colour and I really do love how easy Beach Tints are to apply and how natural they look.


  13. You have amazing skin! so jealous :)

  14. it looks so pretty and shimmery!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  15. Nat you kill me with the fab, fab Becca posts!! Stunning, as are you lovely!! What a spectacular picture xx

  16. Where have you been hiding that gorgeous face? So very nice to see you, nat! The blush is stunning and such a wearable hue. Just adding this to my lust list! Xx jeanie

  17. Well hello there beautiful! You are stunning, exactly how I imagined you would look like, and your makeup above is also something I thought you would go for, very natural and subtle. Oh, and fab blusher! Love.IT!


  18. You gorgeous girl!

    The blush almost look like two different shades with the heavy/light swatches. Love it.


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