Tuesday 9 August 2011

Clarins Everlasting & Clarins Skin Illusion Comparison

Those of you who have read any of my previous posts have probably seen me mention Clarins Everlasting foundation. I've been using it for the last year and a half and really seem to get on well with it. It's one of the few full coverage foundations I've tried which feels light weight and holds up well on my oily skin. Clarins have recently added a new foundation to their range (Skin Illusion), so I decided to grab a couple of samples last week to try, and see how it compares to Everlasting.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation (105 Nude)
First up is Clarins Everlasting which is described as 'a long-hold foundation that stays true, ensuring a flawless complexion'. The base is available in fifteen different shades (most swatched here) and also contains an SPF 15. It has quite a thick, creamy consistency, is watermelon scented and is incredibly easy to apply and blend. It's described as medium to full coverage, but I'd definitely say it's more full. It covers any redness and blemishes on my face perfectly without the need for concealer, but doesn't feel heavy or mask like. I'd say the finish is matte, but not overly so. Some matte foundations leave my skin looking really flat, Everlasting mattifies but still looks pretty natural and skin like. As the name and description suggest, it's supposed to be a long-lasting base, and I have to say it does do well. My skin's oily and Everlasting keeps it shine free for five to six hours (longer in the colder, winter months) before I need to blot. It's not the longest lasting foundation I've tried (Estee Lauder Double Wear wins that prize), but it's the longest lasting foundation I've tried which actually looks and feels natural. 

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation

Next up is Skin Illusion natural radiance foundation which is described as 'a hydrating foundation with a texture that feels as refreshing as a spritz of spring water. A formula which smooths, evens and enhances the complexion, and delivers a spectacular "barely there" finish'. Like Everlasting, Skin Illusion is available in a wide range of shades which cater for a variety of different complexions. It also contains an SPF (only 10) and as far as I can tell, has a similar watermelon scent. The consistency is quite a lot runnier in comparison to Everlasting, but is still easy to apply and blends effortlessly.
Now, I was expecting the base to offer very little coverage after reading the 'barely there' description, so I was quite surprised at how much it covered when I tested it. It definitely doesn't cover as much as Everlasting, but does conceal minor imperfections well and evens out skin tone nicely. I suppose I'd describe coverage as light to medium, probably more so medium, though. The finish is semi matte and leaves skin with a subtle, glowy finish which looks really natural. Skin Illusion is described as hydrating, so I wasn't expecting it to be particularly long lasting on my skin type. After trying it over the last few days, I can say that it doesn't do a bad job. It's definitely not as good at keeping the shine at bay as Everlasting, but I do get around three-four hours of wear before I need to blot my oily areas (t-zone).

L-Clarins Everlasting 105 & R-Skin Illusion 104

(I normally use 105 Nude in Everlasting which seems to match my NC15/NC20 skin tone well. My skin's slightly darker at the moment, though and 104 seems to be a better match in Skin Illusion).

Both are really nice foundations, and both have something slightly different to offer. Everlasting is perfect for those who need a long-lasting, heavier coverage base. Skin Illusion would be great for those who have normal, dry or possibly combination skin and want a base which feels light weight, provides medium coverage and leaves skin with a slightly glowy finish. I'm sticking with Everlasting for now, but may give Skin Illusion another go when the weather cools down and my skin is less oily.


  1. Oooh, Everlasting sounds great! I've never tried a Clarins foundation so my curiosity is definitely piqued. Thanks, Nat - great review!

  2. I've never tried a Clarins foundation either, these both sound really great! That watermelon scent seems like a weird choice for foundation, but my YSL foundation has the same smell...weird.

  3. thank you so much for this comparison! I've got skin illusion and I totally agree with what you've written. Everlasting has caught my attention I think I'm going to try this one as I need more coverage :)

  4. Fantastic post. I've been looking for a new foundation and Skin Illusion sounds perfect for me!
    Thank You

  5. Skin Illusion sounds lovely for my skin type! Helpful post Nat!!

  6. Liz - For some strange reason Clarins make-up doesn't normally appeal to me, but their foundations are really nice! I think you have pretty similar skin to my own, so it would definitely be worth grabbing a sample of Everlasting.

    Larie - It does seem like an odd choice, but I do quite like it and it doesn't seem to hang around for long after it's been applied.

    Aru - No probs, glad it was helpful. Everlasting definitely covers a lot more than Skin Illusion and has more of a matte finish, it does still feel pretty light weight, though which is great.

    Lizzy - Skin Illusion's great if you don't need a huge amount of coverage and want a semi matte, slightly glowy finish.

    Vintage - I would imagine it would be nice for your skin type, but the coverage might be a bit too much for you. I think you like quite sheer bases? so might be worth grabbing a couple of samples.

  7. I use some Clarins moisturizing products but I don't think I'm gonna give these foundations a try. I use a Skin-Food BBCream during the day, and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light at night or in special occasions. As you said, nothing better than EL double wear...




  8. I've totally overlooked this one- Ive tried most of the longwears but always default back to Double Wear, I'm going to get a sample of this and try it out. Do you powder with it?

  9. Princess - I still need to give BB creams a go, I've heard so many great things about them. EL Double wear is the longest lasting foundation I've tried, just not keen on the heavy, mask like feeling I sometimes get when wearing it.

    Me, my best and I - You should definitely grab a sample! It's not quite as long lasting as DW, but it feels so much lighter in comparison. I do use powder with it (NARS loose), I can't get away without powder. Whatever I use just ends up turing into a shiny mess without it :D

  10. Thank you 1000x :-) In Germany it´s very difficult to buy light yellow shades. Here, on your side, it´s wonderful to see the difference between the shades. Nice greetings, Anja


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