Friday 15 July 2011

Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick Swatches & Review

Bobbi Brown's Bronze Shimmer brick Compact is the newest addition to my bronzer/highlighter collection. It's described on the Bobbi Brown site as a shimmering, brush on powder which is perfect for creating a deep, bronzy glow. 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick: Bronze

 Bronze is actually my second Shimmer Brick, the first was Rose which was nice, but didn't seem to show up well on my skin and mainly added quite a large amount of shimmer. After searching around online and checking out swatches of Bronze, I was confident that it would offer more in terms of colour pay-off than Rose and would possibly make a nice alternative to Dior's Amber Diamond powder. 

The palette consists of five bars or shades which can be used individually as shadows or swirled together and applied as highlighter/bronzer. The top bar is a white shade laced with gold shimmer, the second bar a pinky brown, the third is a warm bronze, the fourth is a rose colour and at the bottom there's a dark brown shade.

Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick

The shades have been swatched fairly heavily in the photo below to give a good idea of what the individual shades look like. The picture below it is a swatch of all five shades blended together.

Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick Swatches

As mentioned above, the individual shades can be used as eye shadows. I have tried this with a couple of the colours and they do work fairly well. The white/gold makes quite a nice brow highlighter and the darkest brown shade looks quite pretty used on the lid. I don't use them often for this purpose though because I find them to be a tiny bit too sheer for my taste. Used as a highlighter, the palette of bronzes and pinks does create a nice glowy effect on cheeks and while they are very shimmery, they're not in the least bit chunky or glittery.

The powder itself is soft and a couple of swipes of a brush over the bars is all that's needed to pick up enough colour. The shades blend together nicely and create a pretty golden bronze shade which does add a nice sun kissed glow to cheeks. The powder seems to be fairly long lasting even on my oily skin and when it does start to wear, it fades evenly

All in all, Bronze Shimmer brick is a nice product, but £30.00 seems like a lot to pay for a highlighting powder which can only be used on one area of the face. The product is just far too shimmery to be used on other areas which is a little bit of a shame. For this reason I probably wouldn't repurchase when it runs out and will probably be sticking with Dior's Amber Diamond  which seems to look more subtle than Bronze. I may even have a look around for a cheaper alternative. I've seen some lovely swatches of similar products recently which cost a lot less and seem to create a very similar finish. It is still a nice product though and if you're a big shimmer fan, Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks are definitely worth checking out.

Shimmer Bricks are available on quite a few online sites including the Bobbi Brown website and cost around £30.00 for 10.3g of product.

Are you a Shimmer Brick fan?


  1. Always loved BB packaging, and the colours are gorgeous ^^ so shimmery!

  2. I haven't tried it yet but I'm seriously loving the swatches!! I might just have to pick one up!!

    xo Jackie

  3. Am I a Shimmer Brick fan? Well I sure am now! I mean, my god, you always make me want to buy these expensive products :-P

    Such gorgeous colours and I actually think they would even look okay on my super pale skin. Ahhh...


  4. Did I just say 'they would even look okay'? I meant 'amazing', not 'okay' ;-)


  5. the colour are good for summer~~~when you want to look bronzed, or winter when you want some colour on your skin....its a bit too shimmery for me thoug, but the colour is nice


  6. I've really wanted to try one of these! Great reviews :) They colors look like they'd be gorgeous on the eyes!!!

  7. That looks absolutely gorgeous, I would totally use it for eyeshadows too! Indeed at 30GBP, I'm sure there's something more cheaper out there as an alternative! Fab review and swatches, as always my dear! xoxo

  8. I was sorely tempted by these a few years ago but decided against purchasing them for the same reason you stated at the end: too much shimmer for too much $$$. But if extra shimmer ever becomes a major trend, I'll be gunning for these!

  9. Michelle, BB packaging's great isn't it? So simple and sleek.

    Steffy, the shimmer is pretty!

    Jacquelyn, if you're a fan of shimmer, you should definitely check these out!

    Miss A, it would look gorgeous on you! You and I have pretty similar skin tones (I think you're sightly lighter than me), but it would definitely work on you. If it's applied with a light hand, it leaves skin with a delicate hint of bronzy colour.

    Shimmer Bricks actually remind me a lot of the Gosh product you wrote about/swatched recently, so if you like that, you'd probably like this too! :D

    Jessy, I know a lot of people aren't particularly fond of the amount of shimmer in it (I suppose the clue's in the name though). As I mentioned above, it looks pretty on cheeks but it's far too shimmery to be used anywhere else which is a shame.

    Vintage, the colours do look pretty on eyes. I find them a bit too light for my taste (prefer slightly more pigmented shades), but you'd probably use them a lot. I know how much you like simple, natural eye make-up :)

    ArtDonatella, I imagine you could probably find something similar for less money. The quality of the powder is nice though and because such a small amount is used with each application, I imagine the product will probably last for ages, which kind of makes up for the price a little bit.

    Beautyshades, it is pretty.

    Liz, they are pretty expensive. They're definitely worth the hefty price if you like shimmery highlighters/powders, you could probably give them a miss if you don't though.

    Thanks for your comments everyone!


  10. In terms of highlighters, I tend to use liquids than a powder. if you're looking for something warm -- check out Armanis Fluid Sheer #2, or if you want an epic pink one -- my HG Armani Fluid sheer #7

  11. panties, I really like the sound of the Armani pink one! Will have to check out some swatches. Thanks for the recs! x

  12. Im considering buying this and found your post through google, this has been the most useful post i have read about it thank you so much!

  13. Hi Natalie, I saw your swatch when I was searching random Bobbi Brown products (just fell in love with BB), and I definitely love your swatch! This is a post from last year but I think you can try these shades on eyes and they would be so amazing in this spring/summer, since they're very shimmery and bronzed! xo

    1. Hi, the shades do work quite well as eye shadows! The lightest shade works well as a highlighter, and the darkest shade looks quite pretty used on the lid. I don't use them often like this as I find them to be a bit a sheer. They do look pretty used with other shadow shades though! As you said, perfect for spring/summer! :) x

  14. Do you have to use a special brush when using this as an eyeshadow?
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