Thursday, 22 March 2012

Leighton Denny Swatches: The Purples

Last year I nabbed myself not one, not two, but three, lovely Leighton Denny nail colours as part of a magazine freebie deal. Before then, I’d not actually tried anything from the range, but I quickly fell in love with the brilliant formula and fabulous range of shades on offer, and since last year, I’ve added quite a few colours to my collection.

There’s something about Leighton Denny’s sleek and simple packaging design which really appeals to me, and I find a lot of the shades on offer to be quite unique. The formula and brush design are both excellent and make precise application an easy task, and I find the gorgeously glossy shades really wear well, too.

Leighton Denny: No Comment, Stormy Weather, Rebel & Crushed Grape

I frequently check blogs and forums for photos/colour swatches of shades before I buy them, but I sometimes find it difficult to locate Leighton Denny pictures or posts, so I thought it might be a good idea to have a bit of a swatchathon, and go through some of the colours I currently have in my stash. I thought I’d kick it off with a shade I seem to be slightly obsessed with at the moment, purple.

L-R: Whatever, Crushed Grape, Stormy Weather, Rebel & No Comment

Whatever: A shimmer free, creamy mauve shade, which is slightly streaky after the first coat, but the pretty colour evens out well with a second.

Crushed Grape: is a soft, creamy burgundy and applies perfectly.

Stormy Weather: A beautiful purple shot through with tiny, delicate silver shimmer. 

Rebel: A really rich, dramatic purple shot through with tiny micro shimmers. Looks quite sheer after the first coat, but is rich and opaque with a second.

No Comment: A really deep iridescent plummy shade shot through with tiny red sparkles. Again, application is slightly uneven with a first coat, but the colour evens out nicely with a second.

L-R: Whatever, Crushed Grape, Stormy Weather, Rebel & No Comment

I'd planned to swatch these on my own nails, and did manage to do three before my cuticles gave up on me, so I opted for a nail wheel instead. I can't get enough of these at the moment. Sitting down and painting a wheel of plastic nails is so relaxing! 

All shades are available from the official Leighton Denny site:, and also from lookfantastic, where postage is free. They're £11.00 for 12mls of product.

Have you tried Leighton Denny nail colours? Do you have any favourite shades?
Or any other favourite purples from other brands?


  1. i like crushed grape alot!!

  2. So great to see you back! :)

    These look lovely, Rebel is my fav I think! x

  3. I have No Comment, it's one of my favourite shades EVER! It always looks fabulous on. I love all those shades. Really like Franklin Row from Nails Inc and China Glaze Coconut Kiss which is almost Cadbury's purple! Love it!

  4. Jessica, I really like Crushed Grape, too. It applies brilliantly and was one of my go-to winter shades.

    Evelyn, Thank you, it's nice to be back :) And Rebel's great! It's a really rich, imperial purple and the tiny shimmers in it are really pretty.

    Leanne, No Comment's great, isn't it? Definitely one of my favourite dark/vampy shades, too! I'm really liking the sound of the China Glaze shade, and the name sounds really appealing as well! I haven't tried any colours from China Glaze yet, but will definitely be checking that one out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. I love the "Whatever". But mainly because the name is great :)

  6. I love all the shades! I'll take two of each...haha!

  7. These are beautiful. I have such a love of purples. I've missed your elegant pickings!

    We don't have Leighton Denny in Canada though. I think it's purely UK/Europe?

    1. Me too, I'm on a real purple kick at the moment! :D

      I think Leighton Denny products are only available in the UK/Europe, but I know Lookfantastic stock quite a large range of the shades and I'm almost sure international shipping is free.

  8. These are gorgeous colours, you have such good taste! xxx


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