Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Fekkai Essential Shea Ultra Rich Hair Mask

Fekkai Essential Shea Ultra Rich Hair Mask

Frederic Fekkai’s Essential Shea Butter Mask is a product I discovered last year. My shoulder length, fine hair was suffering the effects of daily use of straightening irons, and the ends were in horrible condition. I spent a small fortune on hydrating masks and treatments to try and soften and hydrate my frazzled ends, and found a few masks which really seemed to help improve the condition of my hair. Fekkai’s Essential Shea mask was one of them and it’s something I’ve used ever since as a weekly treatment.

It’s described as an intense conditioning treatment, which replenishes, course, dry or unruly hair, leaving it soft and manageable. It contains sweet almond oil and Shea butter and it’s supposed to be used as a weekly treatment, on clean, damp hair. 

The mask is really quite thick in consistency and can be a little bit hard to spread. I find it’s much easier to apply if you warm it a little in your hands before applying. A blob around the size of a fifty pence piece is enough to sufficiently cover the ends and mid lengths of my hair. I don’t take it up any further than this as my roots tend to get a little bit oily, so stick to just the bits which need extra hydration. The instructions suggest leaving it on for 5-7 minutes, but I normally slather it on, clip up my hair and leave it on for a good half an hour before rinsing out.

Fekkai Essential Shea Ultra Rich Hair Mask

 What I’m left with after rinsing is really soft, silky smooth, hydrated hair, which smells delicious. The mask adds moisture and tames frizz without weighing down my fine hair or leaving it feeling heavy and the lovely scent lingers for quite a while after using too. In fact, I can still smell it in my hair the day after washing.

Fekkai Shea Hair Mask & a couple of other hair products I'm currently enjoying, Tigi's Moisture Serum & Fekkai's Glossing Conditioner

Fekkai’s Shea Butter Mask does exactly what it promises and the delectable scent makes it a pleasure to use. I have repurchased on a number of occasions now and will continue to do so. It’s a fantastic weekly treat, and I love the results I get after using. My only slight complaint is with the packaging. The masks thick, butter like consistency makes it a little bit hard to squeeze out of the tube when product’s running low. It’s only a slight complaint though, as the tube is soft enough to cut, allowing you to get to every last bit of product. 

Available from Lookfantastic (£25.00 for a 198g tube)

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