Saturday, 5 January 2013

Nars Blush: Douceur

I thought my first post of the year should be on one of last year's favourite products, NARS Douceur. I have to admit, I’ve never really been a big fan of NARS blushes. I’ve actually purchased quite a few of the shades over the years and while I’ve always found pigmentation and lasting power to be excellent, the shades I’ve bought have never been quite right for me. I do have a couple in my stash which I find myself reaching for often, Zen, which I find works really well as both a contour shade and a Winter bronzer, and Cactus Flower, which leaves cheeks with a really pretty hint of sheer, poppy red colour. There has however been one particular shade which I’d had my eye on for quite a while, Douceur.

NARS Douceur

Douceur is described as a “soft pink brown” on the NARS site, and I’d say the description is spot on. It’s a pretty, wearable pinky brown shade – perfect for adding a natural flush of colour to cheeks. In fact, since purchasing, it’s become my ‘go to’, everyday blush, because it works so well at adding a pretty and believable colour on my NC15-ish skin tone, and it goes with a variety of different eye and lip shades. 

NARS Blush: Douceur

Like other NARS blushes I’ve tried, Douceur applies and blends brilliantly. Unlike other shades I’ve tried from the range though, I do find it to be slightly less pigmented, which is fine with me. I tend to be a bit heavy handed with blush, so I like that Douceur applies quite sheerly and I can build the colour on my cheeks without looking overdone. As with other colours I’ve tried from the brand, I also find lasting power to be great. The colour sticks around for most of the day on my oily/combination skin type with only a slight amount of fading. 

NARS Douceur with flash

Douceur without Flash

Douceur swatched next to Zen and Benefit's Dallas, a similar shade which I found myself reaching for quite often before purchasing, Douceur. Although similar, Dallas is slightly more red than Douceur, contains more shimmer, and the formula is softer and more powdery, so I find it more difficult to apply and achieve a natural finish. Zen is more of a straight up, shimmer free, soft brown, which works well as both a contour shade and as subtle bronzer on my skin tone.

NARS Douceur, Zen & Benefit's Dallas Powder

Overall, Douceur is a fantastic blush which has become a firm favourite since I purchased it. It’s an excellent ‘go with everything’ shade, it’s easy to apply, and the perfect mix of pink and brown is really flattering on my NC15 skin tone, and I imagine it would work for a variety of other different skin tones too.

Available from the NARS site (£21.00) and from HQ Hair, where you currently receive a complementary NARS Tinted Moisturiser (I'm not sure of the size) with NARS purchases. 

Do you have any favourite shades from the NARS Blush range?


  1. I didn't realize Douceur and Dallas were so similar! I have Dallas so my Douceur lemming can jump off a cliff now. :D

    1. Hi Liz, I didn't realize how similar they were either until I'd purchased Douceur and swatched them next to each other. Like I said, I do prefer Douceur because it's slightly more sheer, less powdery and shimmery, and looks more natural. They are alike colour wise though!


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