Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Benefit Freebies with next months Glamour Magazine

Just a quick post about something I spotted in this months issue of Glamour magazine. Next month the magazine are giving away free Benefit products (high beam, benetint and posie tint)! I'm not sure what sizes the products are but they're worth between £8 and £10 so they must be quite generous sizes.

The magazine is on sale on the 9th of June


  1. I get Glamour anyway, use Posie Tint everyday and really wanted to try out High Beam so this is great!!! xxx

  2. Wowee, thanks for the 'heads-up'! xx

  3. Oh how I wish I lived in the UK! (and had an English accent)

    They never give freebies with US magazines anymore.

  4. I agree w/ Vintage!! I wish I lived there and didn't have my broken So Cal + midwest whine.

    Enjoy your goodies!

  5. Wow that's such a good deal! Thanks for the heads up! xxx

  6. I'm clearly going to be buying 3 copies

  7. Daisy, It does seem like a pretty good deal! I'm looking forward to trying Posie tint, heard so many good things about it x

    Vintage and makeup merriment, We may have magazine freebies but you lucky girls have Sephora! I know which one I'd prefer :) Does seem a little bit strange that US magazines no longer give anything away though x

    Eloise, Me too! x

  8. That is generous of them, wish this was offered in the States! That's terrific for anyone who can 'benefit' from this.


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